Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Baby's First Christmas!

Here is a sweet clip that we took on Christmas morning last year:

Fast forward to today and what a fun day we had! Santa came to our house, we started new traditions and got to experience the magic of Christmas through our child.  No words can express how amazing it was and it will only get better with time! Ayden didn't really get the whole gift thing (he'd tear off a piece of paper or pull out some tissue paper then move on) but he loved all the lights and ornaments and playing with the toys afterward. The best way to share our day is through pictures. Enjoy!

It was a teething, short nap kind of day but overall it was wonderful. We hosted Christmas dinner at our house and used a delicious honey-citrus ham recipe that everyone loved. We also made a pomegranate bacon salad, my sister brought roasted Brussels sprouts with a maple-balsamic glaze, my mom brought hash brown casserole for those who wanted it and David's parents brought dessert. It was quite the spread and we loved having everyone in our home to celebrate Ayden's first Christmas. Now we have New Year's to look forward to and then a very special birthday!!!

We hope everyone had a very magical day and hope your holidays have been wonderful!



  1. Sounds pretty perfect! My Axle didn't really get the whole tearing open presents thing either but he really enjoyed the gifts once they were opened.

    Hope you and yours has a blessed rest of the year!

  2. Awww that first video is so so sweet! I bet you are so glad to have it :)

    Merry Christmas a day late!