Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mastitis, Round 3. UGH!

I noticed a random plugged duct yesterday, some crazy soreness last night and by this morning I could tell I was getting ready to endure my THIRD bought with mastitis. Luckily Ayden was feeling better today so I didn't have to deal with both of us being out of sorts for the day. I took Lecithin and my immune boosting supplements (garlic an grape seed extract) first thing. I should have stayed home to get lots of fluid and rest but I had big plans today!

My mom rode with my sister and joined us for story time, then we all had lunch (during which Ayden napped).

Then my mom came with me and we braved our local flea mall. I was looking for a large cast iron pan (with no luck) and more picture frames (with luck!) and Mom came away with an antique apparatus that helps you get your boots off without bending over and a cool pie serving thingie. We spent about two hours meandering up and down the overwhelming amounts of booths and Ayden was a trooper, saying hi to everyone we passed. My mom caught a man sifting through my coat that was in the child seat in our cart, probably looking for an open purse but luckily David got me one of these for Christmas:

A little pouch for my Ergo!

So my little clutch was tucked safely into the Ergo. Oh man, I haven't mentioned it on the blog but November was a hard month on us financially. We knew that with my decision to be a stay at home mom, we'd have some tough times but we feel it has been completely worth it. Watching Little Miss helped a lot so now that I don't bring in that extra money I am going to have to find some other ways and have some options in the works.

Instead of debt, though, the holidays actually brought us enough "free" extra cash to get our heads above water again. David won a $500 American Express gift card at his work Christmas party, we discovered that we had some points through our bank that were going to expire and decided to get $200 in Shell gas cards, we got a $100 gift card to Whole Foods from David's brother and a $25 gift card to Kroger as a staff gift at the studio Christmas party, as well as some mall gift cards for new clothes. Shew, just when we needed it we got a break but if I hadn't been cautious with my purse it would have all been gone in an instant. We are so fortunate to have generous family and good luck with winning prizes!

We finally made our way out of the Flea mall and made it home. Ayden fell asleep on the way home, woke up when I got him out of the car, then fell back to sleep when I nursed him. So far his nap is going on an hour and a half but he always sleeps better when we snuggle. I may have dozed a little too :).

Never gets old...
As for my mastitis, I think the Ergo hip hold puts pressure on one of my milk ducts. I wore Ayden in it for a long time while getting ready for our Christmas dinner guests and I'm pretty sure that is what lead up to a plugged duct that made its way to mastitis. I am going to take some more supplements, eat some more Christmas leftovers and call it a night. I am glad that I seem to have caught this one early.

I am hoping to feel better tomorrow!


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