Sunday, December 9, 2012

Proud Papa

Ayden got to visit Santa for the first time today. He wasn't a fan so Ayden unknowingly sat tall in The Big Man's chair while Santa hid behind.

After Santa we went to our nephew's 3rd birthday party. It was at an indoor playground and we had a blast! David took Ayden through everything and got a good workout in while he was at it. It was so fun to watch my boys playing and it was also fun to see David beaming with pride. He was proud of Ayden's walking (it's about 50/50 now), his courage and pretty much everything else about him too :).

Ayden has become such a big fan of David's too. This morning when Ayden woke up he was on the outside of me and I suppose he thought it was a weekday morning and that we were alone. When he heard David yawn he practically leaped over me with excitement. The look on his face was priceless.

After the party David's parents came to our place to play with Ayden while we got a few things done, which was super nice. We worked on the hard drive situation (we shall not give up!) and a bit of Project "Homemade Christmas."

Ayden seems to be on a bit of a sleep strike today as well. His morning nap was short, he skipped his afternoon nap and now is fighting bed time. He just wants to play and play which is equally as cute as it is frustrating. He definitely needs at least 2 short naps in order to sleep well at night so it appears that we should prepare for a lot of wake ups this evening. It is all to be expected since he's working on his huge walking milestone right now. His little brain is in overdrive!


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  1. Sounds like you all had some fun times! Your little man is so cute. I feel ya on the sleep strike though. My two year old is now REFUSING to nap which really causes him to have restless nights. I think boys are just so full of energy that they don't want to miss a single thing!