Saturday, December 15, 2012


Our Ergo is such a huge life saver. If someone told me I had to give every "convenience" baby item away but one I would choose to keep the Ergo, hands down.

My parents hosted a Christmas party tonight for the kids at our family dance studio so for a few hours on Wednesday and then again today Ayden and I went to help them get ready. If it weren't for our trusty Ergo, having a busy little boy toddling around while decorating and cleaning would most definitely NOT qualify as help. I'm not sure if it is because we've worn Ayden almost everyday since he was born or if it is just his personality but he is always so happy to get into any carrier. As long as we keep moving or are doing something new and interesting he'll hang out, quietly observing, for as long and we want him to. While helping my parents out there were several times when I said, "How do parents who don't wear their babies get anything done?!?" They just trail behind you undoing everything you attempt to accomplish or get into mischief. My parents house is not child-proofed in any way so there isn't anywhere kids can be safe while only half-supervised. I just use the hip or back carry and he is content, safe and learning every step of the way through observation. He even dozed off after a while and took his afternoon nap back there. I don't use the Ergo as much at home but after so much success these past couple of times at my parents', you better believe I'll be busting it out during any housework I do in the future.

As for the party, it went great. The house was all decorated, warm and festive. The dance girls had fun and, as usual, Ayden stole the show with his overwhelming cuteness.

I can't believe we only have a week and a half until Christmas! For some reason it doesn't feel like it should be that close. Maybe it's because of the weather. Today was in the 50's and rainy. Blah! Where's the snow?!?


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