Tuesday, February 25, 2014


While pregnant with their second, pretty much every woman that I know has shared that they have feelings of guilt and maybe even a little sadness mixed in with the excitement of expanding their family.  That guilt and sadness comes from knowing that their first born will have to share them. 

 I am not quite there yet, since things are still pretty surreal for me even at 14 weeks, but if those feelings come as late summer approaches I will be able to rest assured knowing that they are all normal feelings.  It is when people speak up that others know they are not alone and that is one of the main reasons that I have this blog.  If another mother out there can be inspired to think, ask a question, learn something or relate with/from my experiences then that alone would make the time I spend writing the posts each and every night worth it.

 I am grateful to have so many experienced mothers in my life (my own mother and older sisters especially) who have been open and honest about their feelings and experiences and who have even invited me in to witness the raw process of becoming a mother of one, two and more.  It is thanks to them and my wonderful midwife that I had so much confidence going into breastfeeding.  All of these things used to be community knowledge but it seems that our society has made so many things taboo that a lot of women go into this journey completely in the dark and are left to find their path alone.  The saying, "It takes a village" does not stop at raising children alone.  It also takes a village to let other mothers know that they are not alone when they are feeling certain feelings or second guessing their decisions. I challenge you to stop showing other mothers, and especially mothers-to-be your highlight reels and start showing glimpses of your behind the scenes.  The more we TALK the more we will realize that we are not alone.  

Have you had the privilege of a fellow mother preparing you for something you would never think of as "normal?"  

Is there anything you wish someone had shared with you before you had to experience it?


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  1. The YouTube moms I have followed (yourself included) have contributed so much to my confidence as a parent. When people in my personal life disagree or even criticize the parenting choices my husband and I make I am reassured by the experiences you all share and the knowledge I have gained from the community! It certainly is a privilege.

  2. This is post is great. It is so true that it takes a village of knowledge and encouragement to navigate through this mothering world. I am 2 weeks into being a mother of 2 and I can say that mommy guilt hits a high every day that I reminisce of being just a mommy of 1. But life is all about growing, changing, and creating more love to go around. Although I may morn the days of just Mallory and me, its a whole new joy to watch Mallory flourish as a big sister and see her love for her little sister every day.