Sunday, February 16, 2014

Working For Us

We have finally gotten back to a place where our house is working for us instead of us working for it. I think the fact that we haven't hyper scheduled our weekends is what has helped the most. The past two weekends, I have been feeling good and have had time to keep things moving just like I do during the week.  There's also been lots of down time/family play time.

We are constantly struggling to find that balance between getting out and experiencing all of the amazing and fun things that our world has to offer and not getting out and just being. 

David finished the house design and is taking some time off before working on drawings and material lists. On top of havig the house under control, I was also able to take time to start reorganizing our home filing system, which has been a mess since our move, as well as a couple of fun crafty projects for my laundry room. 

David hung out with Ayden all morning and left me to do my thing, then I took over at nap time while David met his dad over at our property to work on getting the rest of our fence up. 

This weekend was such a great mix of relaxation and productivity. It is so great when things just fall into place. I am hosting play group tomorrow and am looking forward to it!

Do you find that you have systems well enough in place that your home works for you or are you always struggling to keep up with it? I think I've found the secret, it's just a matter of always following through which is tough for us for some reason. 


Flashback!  Here's what we were up to one year ago today: "Cousin Play Day"

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