Saturday, February 8, 2014

Boys' Day Out

We had a lazy morning together this morning. David is working on the finishing touches of our house design (going to break ground as early as possible in the Spring!) and Ayden and I played in his playroom.

The plan for today was for us all to go to the farmer's market and run some other errands. Ever since my stomach bug, my tummy hasn't been right. I think the acid/ph balance is still off making me feel queasy after most meals and making me burp a lot (so glamorous, I know). It's been a bit miserable, actually. As we were getting ready to go I started feeling nauseous and knew I'd be miserable if I went driving and walking around a bunch of places. I helped gather everything the boys would need for a few hours, made a list of what we needed at the farmer's market and sent my boys on their way. As soon as they left I went straight back to bed and slept for an hour and a half!  When they got back I wasn't to 100% but I was feeling better. We had lunch, watched a movie and played some more. During the movie Ayden and I shared such a special moment. He crawled into my lap, held my face in his hands and gazed into my eyes for a while with a little smile on his face. Then he put his forehead to mine and said, "I lu lu, Mommy." Such a tender and raw moment that brought tears to my eyes. That is a memory I want to keep safe forever!

After dinner we went to David's parents' house to pick up a couple of things. While we were there we turned down the temp on their hot tub and enjoyed a warm soak. Ayden loved it and it was a nice change in our usual routine. As I sit typing this, my tummy is acting up again. I am taking probiotics and am going to try and make some fresh ginger tea to see if it can help settle things a bit. Thanks to that darn stomach bug, here I am going into the second trimester and just now getting nausea. Hopefully things will be in balance again soon. These things just take time I suppose. 

What is your favorite natural remedy for tummy troubles?


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1 comment:

  1. Ginger gum and the sea sickness wrist bands saved my life during pregnancy. I hope you feel better soon.