Sunday, February 16, 2014

Do Better

We had some new friends over for dinner tonight. We put Ayden to bed and talked with them for hours about all kinds of things. This topic came up a lot:

Isn't that all we can do in this life?  We do the best we can, seeking knowledge all along the way. When we learn something new, we make changes for the better. It is crazy to look back to ourselves in 2003. How we ate, what we did in our spare time, the impact we were making in our environment. Then we fast forward to now. We've learned so much, made many changes and still have so much to learn. 

Good food and good conversation is always a recipe for a great night. 

Have you had any inspiring or thought provoking conversations lately?  What topics did you cover?



  1. I have been visiting my mom and we are always talking about controversal stuff. She eats paleo about 50% as I do. She visits and talks to many people. Recently, we have been talking about goat milk. My daughter is 9 months and seems to like it. I do not want to bf past 1 year and do not want cows milk. How do you feel about goat milk. Does your son enjoy it?

    1. My sister has a goat dairy. If you are going to have dairy in your diet, from what I understand, goat milk is the closest to human milk. If you can get your hands on raw, grass-fed milk it would be best as far as nutrition is concerned. The pasteurization process kills all of the good stuff right along with the bad. It also allows for things like blood and puss to be in the milk before the pasteurization process which does not encourage proper treatment of the dairy animals... As far as dairy is concerned, my current stance is: if your body handles it well and you want it, go ahead. If you consume it and it gives you digestive issues or increased mucus production, keep it out of your diet. Listening to your body and how it reacts to things is key in my opinion.