Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mommy's Sick Day

No pictures or much fun to be had for me today.  There has been a pretty nasty stomach bug making its rounds in our circles. We thought we'd somehow dodged the bullet but we were wrong. At about 8:00 last night I tossed my cookies and the next 24 hours have been pretty miserable to say the least. At first I was running to the bathroom every hour but by about 3 in the morning it had spaced to every three to four hours as long as I was laying down. I was able to stay hydrated thanks to the gap between "episodes."  I cannot remember the last time I was so sick.

David stayed home from work so I was able to take a proper sick day. It was such a life saver!  In bed is right where I needed to be all day. I had a low grade temp that never got above 100.3* and a pounding headache. I slept on and off all day and sent David and Ayden out for chicken noodle soup and gingerale. Knowing that it was a 24 hour bug is what got me through and by the time David and Ayden got home with their dinner (Whole Food's chiefs) I was able to sit at the table with them and sip on some soup. I'm definitely not 100% but I have turned a corner for sure. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that  David and Ayden don't get it. Especially Ayden since I have a feeling that would get pretty messy...  With how this bug has been getting everyone in its path in our friends' and family's homes, we are pretty sure that the odds are not in our favor on this one. We can only hope!

Do you have tips for taking care of toddlers with stomach bugs? Just in case?  Ayden has vomited a couple of times but has never had a 24 hour bug.


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  1. My oldest caught a vicious 24 hour stomach bug and it was hard cause he would get a little panicked every time he had to vomit, but I layed out a big sheet and let him watch cartoons to keep him still so he would get as much rest as possible. Of course I kept a bucket (large shallow basin really for ease of use in case I had to step away), a small sippy cup and some crackers close by and we just hung out there all day. He did great overnight but I had a similar set up for bed too. Hope you're feeling better soon and hope it is out of your house for good!

  2. I hope you are better now.get well soon!

  3. Oh yuck! I hope you are feeling well very soon and that your guys don't come down with anything.