Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easy DIY Bird Feeders

Today was SO much better than yesterday for Ayden.  A complete 180 for sure.  He had been restless and waking up a lot while he was sick and last night he slept the whole night through.  I think the better rest and the reason for it (just feeling better overall) got him back to his old cheery self.  

I had this post ready to go up yesterday for a Toddler Tuesday but the ground breaking for our new house definitely took precedence so I pushed it to today.  Last week, Ayden and I made bird feeders for all of our feathered friends that are moving back after a long, cold Winter.  I used to make these particular feeders with my students at school and they were always a big hit.

The supplies you'll need:
- bird seed
- pine cones
- peanut butter 
- a spreader (kid knife, popsicle stick, etc.)
- wire for hanging
- if inside, a table cloth or drop cloth of some sort

1) Spread your peanut butter onto your pine cone.
Be sure to get into all of the nooks and crannies!

2) Roll your pine cone in the bird seed
(This is Ayden's little hand hard at work)

3) Make sure all of your peanut butter is coated with seed
(This one was mine)

4) Wrap wire around the top row of scales and hang!

We hung ours on a tree outside a side of the house where we could see them from windows in several rooms in the house.  We checked on them a few times a day and they were a hit!  We got to see all kinds of birds, our favorite being a little bluebird of happiness.

My new favorite bird.  So cute!

Have you ever made homemade bird feeders?  We also made a couple of class sets of egg carton feeders to put out on our playground one year.  Those worked really well too!  I think we are going to try this one next:

*Small pregnancy update: I felt the baby more than ever today!  So exciting... *
*House Progress: They finished digging our basement!*


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1 comment:

  1. We made the pine cone bird feeders last year but Ax was too little to take much interest in them. He loves birds this year so I'm thinking we are going to have to make some feeders soon!

    Yay for baby movement!!!

    Have a good weekend