Sunday, March 8, 2015

5 Happy Things: Determination

Today was sunny and in the glorious 50s!!  The sunshine and warmer temps made me feel pretty happy today so I thought that called for a 5 Happy Things post:

1) Playing in the snow with my big boy before it melts for good!
2) Having a rooster.  We didn't know what we were missing.
3) LOVE.  It's all we really need.

4)This rockin chick pool party.
We only had 5 hatch but were gifted 12 more little hen chicks.

A closeup of the cuteness.
These two yellow chicks are the only 2 from our original 5 that we can recognize...

5) Logan's determination.
He is HARD at work on figuring out the crawling thing these days...

Here is the plumbing progress that was made this weekend, despite the basement flooding situation:

PEX lines.
These are for the kitchen and laundry room.
Same lines from the other side...
Bathroom cold water.
Laundry room (washer and utility sink).
Under the bathroom.
The hot water manifold.
Double vanity sink in the bathroom.
Once the weather is nice and the ground has dried up a little they'll put in the outdoor hose bibs.  Until then they'll be moving on to venting for the bathroom, clothes dryer and kitchen hood.  The warmer weather is really going to speed things up again.  That is definitely a bonus happy thing!


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