Wednesday, May 21, 2014

26 Weeks Pregnant

26 weeks pregnant today!

We have hit a few milestones since my last pregnancy update.   Getting passed 24 weeks got us to the point of viability.  Of course we want Logan to bake as long as possible but if for some reason he were to come early the chances of him surviving jumped up drastically once we passed that point.

My most favorite part of pregnancy is feeling all of the movement and that has picked up big time in the past couple of weeks.  There are a couple of predictable times of day where I can count on kicks and wiggles.  One is first thing in the morning when I start talking for the day.  Another is mid afternoon which is when I got this video clip:

I think that it's safe to say that his hearing is okay because now he jumps after really loud noises.  Sometimes things are still surreal. When I think back to Ayden's pregnancy now that I know him I can't believe that it was him in there.   Now that I have that hindsight it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that in a couple of years, once we know Logan as a little person, I'm going to think back at this time and cherish it that much more.

If we ask Ayden who is in my belly he'll say, "Baby Logan" and I have started to talk to him about how Logan will nurse since I'm thinking that will be an interesting transition.  Ayden himself hasn't nursed in a while but still asks every morning.  He moves on as quickly as he thinks of it but it is still on his radar and he'd still do it if I offered or acquiesced before he had a chance to become distracted.   We still have time before Logan's arrival but I'm not sure it's enough for him to completely detach himself from it...  We'll make it through whatever happens though! I was at a chiropractor appointment last week and there was a 7 week old baby getting an adjustment next to us.  Ayden was SO interested and was asking so many questions.  He said the baby was cute and sat with his head in his hands just looking.  She was the smallest baby he had ever seen and his reaction was very reassuring to me.  Ever since he seems to have a better understanding of what we mean when we say we will have a baby at our house soon.  I really think he is going to like being a big brother.

As far as how I am feeling, I am doing great overall.  I am having some lower back pain but it is manageable and the chiropractor visits are helping.  At my consultation we found that my pelvis was tilted and twisted and he said that it was no wonder I had such a long labor with Ayden.  I have been going 3 times a week for a few weeks now and have graduated to twice a week starting this week.  We will eventually get down to once a week until about 37 weeks and then increase it again as needed since the relaxin will have really kicked in by then which makes it hard to keep alignment.  According to my midwife and the chiropractor himself, none of his patients have had labors longer than 8 hours and though I am not expecting to have one that fast, I am hoping that giving Logan a straight passage out will decrease it from the 42 hour experience that I had with Ayden...  It just makes sense to me!  My energy level seems to be dipping again but like I wrote about a couple of days ago, I'm going pretty much non-stop all day everyday.  I try to listen to my body and at least find sitting tasks when I feel tired and even nap if it's really bad but like most second time moms, I don't have the luxury of tons of free time that I had while pregnant with Ayden.  I will definitely start making naps a priority when labor is near, just to make sure I'm as rested as possible when it comes, but until then I'm just going to push through and keep being as productive as I can.  Night time sleep is starting to get tricky too but that is just all part of it.  I look at any sleep issues as my body's way of preparing for the exhaustion that comes with a newborn which is actually a good thing. Any discomforts aside, I am still enjoying this pregnancy just as much as I did Ayden's and I'm also cherishing it as if it might be my last since it very well could be.  We'll never say never (especially since we won't be using any hormonal or permanent means of birth control) but 2 always felt like the right number for us.  26 weeks down and 14 to go.  Hard to believe that the third trimester will be starting in just two short weeks.  Time is seriously flying by!

Did you see a chiropractor during pregnancy?  If you did with subsequent pregnancies, do you feel like it made a difference with your labor? 


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  1. Yes, I saw a chiropractor during pregnancy. My daughter also sees a chiropractor. I took her in at 3 months, 6 and 9 months. My chiropractor said that colic babies or those on the fussy side often need adjustments. He says once adjusted, colic stops, digestion improves etc. I guess the birth process can misalign their spine sometimes. My daughter was born csection and really was out according to our chiropractor. He also gave
    Me exercises to do on her at home. He said holding her upside down by the feet for about 10 seconds and allowing her to dangle will loosen up tight muscles in her back. I hesitated at first but it works.

  2. As a Mum of four I can tell you two is a great number. Lol I love all my kiddos and am grateful for them everyday but four is a.lot. of work. Its tough to divide ourselves four ways and make sure everyone gets the one-on-one time they need.

  3. So fun to read a pregnancy update! I love how you take all the pregnancy "woes" in stride. I was the same and I'm so glad I savored the experiences because I always look back at my pregnancies now and feel nothing but happiness. Not that you asked, but my son and I drew caricatures of himself, his brother and a baby girl (we called baby sister) and he spend a little time every day going over who was who and where his baby sister was (living in my belly). I would always say, "She lives in my belly until she gets big enough and then once she is big enough she will come and live in our house!" So when she came he totally knew what was going to happen and was excited to finally meet her.

  4. Pregnancy can be a tough and sometimes painful experience for mothers. Thankfully, you have a chiropractor that helped ease the pain and do the necessary adjustments. But other than that, it’s good to know that you had a great 26th week of pregnancy. How are you and baby Logan doing, btw?

    Penelop Bonnet @ US Health Works