Monday, May 5, 2014

Peak And Pit Sandwich

Our peak of the day today was having play group at the park!  The weather was beautiful and we had a great time as always. 

The pit of the day was seeing the sprayers out spraying the corn/soy bean fields that surround us. The wind was blowing right at us and it really sucks to be forced to breath poison. 

It was my father-in-law's birthday so we ate out tonight. Time spent with family and a break from kitchen cleanup are always awesome. I guess I had a peak and pit sandwich today! 

I also want to mention that Ayden is taking after his daddy in the compliment department.  I got dressed for dinner and Ayden said, "Oh, nice shirt Mommy! Are those flowers?" I said, "Thank you!  Yes, they are kind of like flowers..." and he said, "Oh nice flowers."  He definitely made me smile just like David does everyday when he pays me compliments.  Nothing like being in a house full loving boys to make a gal feel special.

What were the peak and pit of your day?


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  1. That's why we have an immune system. We breathe in toxics everyday in the earth. Pollution is there. I can't imagine what would happen if the farmers didn't spray. Think, bugs and major loss of their income. Even organic produce is sprayed with toxic spray. I know. My husband works in a plant nursery. He sees organic produce full of chemicals you wouldn't even want to know. That's why organic produce is so ridiculous. They are not exempt from poisons.

  2. Our immune systems actually do not do anything to fight off external toxins. They are stored in our cells (free redicles) and can manifest as cancers, auto-immune diseases and other illnesses later in life. You are right about toxins being unavoidable but that does not make it any better for my son or my pregnant self to breathe them right from the tap. They may be unavoidable but that doesn't make them right or healthy...