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My Top 12 Favorite Blogs {and why}

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I have been following blogs for years! As my interests ebb and flow, so do my favorite blogs. I have followed blogs in all kinds of categories and definitely have favorites from each. I have chosen 2 blogs from each category. Here they are in no specific order:

Mommy blogs:
Simple Mom - This is actually a collaborative blog. The creater, Tsh (pronounced "Tish"), focuses on organization and living simply and intentionally. All things I am very interested in at the moment. Tsh also has a podcast that I like to listen to while I get ready or wash the dishes.

Modern Mommyhood - Morgan is a young modern mama who writes about beauty, style, photography, healthy living and, of course, mommyhood! Her motto is that she "tells it like it is." Her little girl Mabel isn't much younger than Ayden.  It has been fun to watch her grow up too.  Morgan is a very talented sewer and has her own Etsy shop.  Check it out!

Food and Fitness blogs:
The Fitnessista "Being fit is always in style." I started following Gina YEARS ago!  She could quite possibly be one of the first blogs that I ever discovered.  She is a witty gal who is into food, fitness and style.  She has a daughter, Olivia, who was born just a couple of weeks before I had Ayden.  She started a family page on her website while she was pregnant.  Again, it was fun to read along during her pregnancy since our due dates were so close.  It was also nice to follow along for all of her musings throughout the first year of motherhood.  She posts workouts and shows pictures of her daily salad beasts and other creations.  She is also a raw chef and is the lady who inspired me to get a dehydrator.  I tweeted her asking which one she recommended and she actually replied!! This is the one that she recommended, and we got: Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator (Google Affiliate Ad).

Chocolate Covered Katie - The "healthy dessert blog."  I don't really think I need to say more but I'll go ahead and elaborate a little.  Katie is vegan and LOVES chocolate.  She is a genius when it comes to making healthy alternatives for favorite sweet treats.  Most of her dessert recipes will fit into our Paleo lifestyle so I go to her blog again and again for dessert inspiration.  I think she may be coming out with a cookbook soon too...

Farm blogs:
Rough Draft Farmstead - This is a young couple who met while interning on a farm.  Hannah is an amazing artist and Jesse is passionate about making his own wine.  He actually just released part 1 of his 3 part memoir series Bringing Home Wine.  David read it and really enjoyed it. Hannah and Jesse are on a quest very similar to ours.  To live simply and grow/raise as much of their food as possible.  I actually went to school with Hannah (though she was a few years behind me) and we got to meet Jesse at the Green Living Fair that we attended a month or so ago.  They have honey bees, built their cabin themselves and update about their journey all along the way.  Very interesting stuff!

Radical Farmwives - "Three friends, three farms, countless tales."  These ladies write candidly about life as farmwives and mothers.  This will be me someday so it is very interesting to get a glimpse inside their lives.

Homemaking blogs:
The Complete Guide To Imperfect Homemaking - I might have to say that this is my current favorite.  Kelly's writing style is entertaining and she is easy to relate to.   It also helps that I am a bit obsessed with teal at the moment and she is too.  I just love her home decorating style.

Want What You Have  "living a joyful, simple, more meaningful life"- I had to include this one because it was the very first blog I ever found.  It was years and years ago, before we had even started trying to get pregnant.  I knew that I'd be a stay at home mom someday and was curious what a day of one was like.  I googled "schedule for a stay at home mom" and Heather's blog was the first that came up.  She now has 3 children, 2 girls and a boy.  She did all kinds of things I had never heard of at the time (simple living, cloth diapering, zone cleaning, and blogging) and really inspired a lot of new thinking for me. Her blog was also the first place I ever saw one of my now favorite quotes: "Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have" - Rabbi Hyman Schachtel.  I have tried to live by that quote everyday since.

DIY/Decorating blogs:
Young House Love - Sherry and John are an adorable couple who blog their way through every DIY project they take on to update their mid-centry ranch homes (they are on their second one).  Their style is bright, fresh and they love little white ceramic animals.  They both work together to write posts on the blog which I think is really fun.

Always A Project - I linked this blog in a recent post and have enjoyed going through her archives.  Rachel seems to have a very sweet nature and she is so creative!

New To Me blogs:
These are blogs I have come across just in the past week and I am excited to see what they are all about.  I won't give any details just yet, because I am still learning about them, but they are definitely worth a visit!!
The Tiny Twig
Soule Mama

There you have it, 12 blogs to check out if you haven't already. There are many more that I follow (including some of yours!!) and it really was so difficult to narrow it down.  I hope you can find as much motivation and inspiration as I have somewhere amongst my favorites!


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