Friday, May 24, 2013

Plane, Art, Zoo and Baseball! {DC Trip, Day 1}

We had an early morning this morning!  David got up at 4:45am and made us a yummy breakfast:

Ham, onion, sweet potatoes and spinach.
David seasoned the meal with cinnimon and Chinese Five Spice . It was SOO good.  He has become quite the creative chef these days!  The best part, other than the fact that it was made by my Love, was that the spinach was from our garden.

David woke me up at about 5:15. I ate while getting ready, got Ayden up and ready and we were at the airport by 6:03am. 3 minutes late isn't too bad!

Waiting for Daddy to come out of the bathroom.
Ready for take off.
Watching the clouds go by.
Plane entertainment FTW!
The plane ride went great!  Ayden was a champ and quietly fell asleep right after the captain made our decent announcement.  As soon as we got to DC we hit the ground running:

Nap #2 at an art museum.
The zoo!! 

Ayden LOVED it!  No surprise there...
We ended the day with a DC Nationals game.
Ayden's 3rd baseball game but very first for MLB!
This pretty much sums up how we all felt by the end of the day!
We have another fun day in store for us tomorrow!  I hope to get some pretty neat pictures to share.  Can't wait!


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