Sunday, May 26, 2013

Play, Play, Play!! {DC trip, day 3}

Ayden had a TON of play time today!!  None of the places the family was hanging out today were very toddler friendly. Lucky for him, DC has some great parks in walking distance everywhere you go!  Needless to say, all that playing can tucker a baby out!

We also walked around a local farmer's and flea market.  We came away with some deliciously sweet and fresh cherries, strawberries and peaches to snack on. We ended this beautiful day with a picnic. As always, good food, great company, and a place to run and play makes for an amazing time. 

We head home bright and early tomorrow. It's been a fun trip!


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  1. Glad to read you and your lovely family made it home safety. I really enjoyed reading about how to travel with a toddler I will use some of the suggestions for upcoming traveling dates Thank You !!!