Friday, May 3, 2013

A Day "Off"

We took it pretty easy today. We slept in one of the upstairs bedrooms last night (due to a sump pump problem in the basement. Long story) and even though Ayden went to bed late he was up and at 'em at 7:30 this morning. This wasn't too great for me since I stayed up way too late sewing my first Hoopla bag (which turned out great by the way!).

When I woke up feeling the way I did I made the decision to take Ayden's nap with him. I also decided to take it easy all day since I usually end up walking in circles if I try to be productive on days like this.

I managed to get a few small things done. I made a batch of kale chips, did a load a diaper laundry, made phone calls about the sump pump issue, roasted garlic ahead of time for dinner and FINALLY took a nap with Ayden. There was even some time to visit with my sister and her kids.

He was hiking his leg up, trying to get in so I helped him out.  Haha.
Apparently declaring a day off was just the ticket. It took the pressure off and I still managed to get some great things done. Just at a snails pace I suppose.

David came home during our nap and decided to go work in the garden rather than wake us for our original plan of dinner, feed bees, garden work. Instead, we went with the flow. When Ayden and I woke, we joined him in the garden. Then my mom came and held Ayden while we replenished the bees' sugar syrup, then we had dinner.

I had used Kelly's easy crock pot chicken broth method last night. I used the bones and skin from our last rotisserie chicken and it turned out great!

I have thrown away so many chicken carcasses over the years, only to turn around and purchase broth at the grocery. If I had known about this easy let-the-crockpot-do-it-for-you method I would have been making my own broth for years (and saving a lot of money!!)! I used the broth in one of our favorite soups for dinner.

Bro-Cauli Chowder
{I'll do a recipe post on it next time we make it!}
Ayden ate his soup and applesauce with his spoon like it was no big deal.
I can't believe what a big boy he is!!
Then we cleaned up and got Ayden off to bed. I plan on going to bed at the same time as David tonight. I am still fighting off my sinus infection and can tell that I need rest more than quiet me time at the moment.

All of you stay at home moms out there, you get sick days or tired days or mental health days too!! If you wake up more tired than usual or under the weather, make the decision to let the house work go for the day. You may be surprised by how much gets done just because you don't *have* to do it. Or, better yet, it can just be done tomorrow!!


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  1. You're so wise to take a day off! I'm getting a taste of the SAHM life and have to say SAHMs work much harder than working moms (at least in my experience). I haven't had a quiet moment in 5 weeks!