Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 Happy Things: Balanced

Today was pretty amazing. The weather was great. I went to bed early (for me) last night so I was nice and rested. I maintained great balance between myself, Ayden and housework.  We ate dinner outside and had great family time in the garden. Since I am in such a happy mood, I thought it'd be a good time to share 5 happy things:

1) I came across this quote on Pinterest and think that if everybody lives by it, the world would be a better place:

2) Working together to grow and prepare food for our family. 

3) Seeing our honey bees hard at work in my mom's gardens. 

4) Time at the park. 

We play. Ayden takes a nap while I run. I read on a blanket in the shade while Ayden finishes his nap. 

It is an amazing new part of our routine!

5) Hearing Ayden giggle. He is getting a big boy belly laugh. 

There is just so much to be happy about!  It was hard to limit myself to just 5. What are 5 happy things going on in your life at the moment?


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