Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wishy Washy

Tonight, Ayden and I were reading books while David was doing the early May plantings in the garden. For the first time, I picked out the books. I'd say, "Where's {fill in a specific book title here}?" And to my surprise, after making his adorable "I don't know" arms, he'd go to his book basket and flip through the books. He brought me the right book every time. Have I ever mentioned that this boy LOVES to read?

We got to Mrs. Wishy Washy, one of his long time favorites, which is about some farm animals that played in the mud and had to get baths. When the book was over I said, "Ayden, would you like to take a bath like the animals in your book?" Next thing I knew, he had dropped the next book he'd gotten out of the tub and was halfway down the hallway. He loves baths too!

So he took a bath, just for fun. I did do our normal wash routine but since a bath wasn't in the original plan for tonight, we focused on playing and reading his bath books (as if we hadn't read enough already). It was a fun, spur of the moment activity for a rainy day.

Those cute "I don't know" arms I was talking about.

Do you ever put your kids in the bath just for fun? From day one, baths have been a great go to for us when Ayden needs a change of scenery or needs to "reset" his mood. Or, I suppose, when he just needs a little fun!



  1. My little man usually baths several times a day. He loves to bath. Anytime he throws a tantrum and his mood is foul, I try to bath him. It's like it calms him.

  2. Oh yes! We use bath time "when all else fails"