Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day #2

  • Sleep in - CHECK (and it was glorious!)
  • Get an adorable gift from my boys - CHECK
New rain/garden boots
Nail salon gift card
  • David cooks breakfast and we eat said delicious breakfast - Double CHECK
  • Visit with our own mothers and give them their footprint butterfly flower pots - CHECK
  • Take a long hot shower and get dolled up for dinner - CHECK
  • Read books with Ayden - CHECK
  • Snuggle and kiss Ayden. Tell him I am so lucky and proud to be his mommy. - Double CHECK
  • Dinner out with both our families. Good conversation, good food and no dishes - CHECK
Finishing off my duck leg bone.
He was a fan!
Today was a wonderful day! I felt spoiled, pampered and loved. This holiday is no Hallmark holiday to me. It symbolizes and celebrates one of my favorite roles in the entire world!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies out there!! I hope you also had a wonderful day filled with spoiling, pampering and loving of your very own. It is well deserved!

Flashback:  This time last year on my first Mother's Day!


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