Thursday, May 23, 2013

Errands In the Rain

I love the rain if I can be on a porch, snuggled up watching a movie or taking a nap. If I have to be out in it, it's a different story. In college, walking to class would always put me in a bad mood. It was before rain boots were actually in style so in exchange for looking cute, you'd get to class with water soaked up to the knees of your jeans. There's not much worse than the feeling of wet, clingy denim and I guarantee it was even more unattractive than rain boots at the time.

Nowadays, the worst time to be caught in the rain is while running errands with a toddler. Walking isn't too bad since I have a huge umbrella and can proudly wear cute rain boots. The not-so-fun part is having to bend over to buckle him in with my backside hanging out in the rain. 

Here is the best solution I have found:

Balance my umbrella between the open door and the top of the car.
Perfect mama shelter!
(unless she steps back to take a picture...)

We got our errands run and stayed pretty dry!  We have been busy packing because we have an early flight to DC in the morning. We have to be at the airport at 6 am. Yikes...

How do you stay dry when you have to venture out in the rain with your toddler?


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  1. I use the same trick, only it doesn't work when there's a lot of wind. In that case I used to hop in the back seat with him and strap him in with the door closed. He was in the center seat then. Now that I have two, I'm not sure what I'll do!