Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Homemade Glass Cleaner {that really works!}

Since we have moved into my parents basement, my cleaning schedule has been akward to say the least.  I still run the vacuum regularly in our basement living space (mainly to keep Maverick's fur at bay) and do my part to help my mom out with maintenance on the main level of the house.  I also keep up with the laundry and try to keep our things tidy as much as I can.  Though this is actually much harder than you'd think since our stuff is on top of their existing basement decor/"stuff" (if you've ever sublet an apartment or lived in someone else's already furnished home you can probably relate).  You know the saying, "A place for everything and everything in its place?" Yeah... That's not possible in our current situation.  My usual weekly dusting, window/mirror cleaning and the like that I did pretty regularly before our move have kind of fallen by the wayside.  The longer this has gone on, the more of a cleaning bug I have gotten. I am way passed ready to get my cleaning on!

I had come across a homemade glass cleaner recipe last summer and jotted it down on a post it note.  Somehow, that post it made the move and has been calling my name over the past few weeks.  I finally made myself some for the first time today and was amazed at how well it worked!

Ingredients everyone has in their house!
{This recipe will refill a standard sized store bought cleaner bottle}
Here is my wedding bouquet that my mom had preserved for me as a wedding gift:

Oh... what's that?  You can't see it through the film of dust?!?
This beautiful bouquet needed a little TLC to let its beauty shine through agian so I thought it would be a great item to test out my new homemade glass cleaner.  Drum roll.....

Look at the reflection on the top of the glass!
Let the beauty shine through! 
My official review of this homemade cleaning product:
This homemade glass cleaner is a definite win in my book.  I'll never be repurchasing pricey glass cleaner again!  It easily broke through that dusty film and didn't leave a single streak behind.  The essential oil that I added masked the vinegar smell and it felt good knowing exactly what was in it.

See for yourself!
And now I shall leave you with a couple of glass cleaning tips:
- Use microfiber cloths, news paper or coffee filters for lint free cleaning (unlike with paper towels).
-If you use microfiber, be sure not to use dryer sheets or fabric softener with them as that will cause build up and ruin their absorbency and static induced, dust attracting benefits.  If you do accidentally use these things, just hand wash the microfiber with Dawn original dish soap to strip away that residue (much like cloth diapers!) and they will be good as new.

If you make this and give it a try, let me know what you think.  You will not be disappointed!


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