Friday, May 10, 2013

Take A Break!

Sometime on the middle of the night last night, I noticed Ayden felt really warm. I grabbed the thermometer and soon found out his temp was 101.3* F. He was sleeping well so I just snuggled him and went back to sleep knowing that his little body was doing it's job of fighting whatever germs were in there and that his sleep was helping.

When we woke up for the day, he still felt a little warm. I started the day knowing it was going to be rough and that it would be an "all about A day." Usually, going into a day knowing it is going to be rough helps me cope and I make it through with my sanity in tact. Today, however, I was tired from staying up too late the night before and that reason alone made all the difference in my ability to make it through a day with a fussy, clingy, puny toddler.

One of Ayden current favorite toys.
I was planning on taking his nap with him but 10 minutes after he fell asleep, he had a coughing fit that woke him up and eventually made him throw up. So one minute I thought I'd get some rest and a little break from the fussiness and the next, Ayden was crying and following me around while I changed him, the sheets and got the mess cleaned up. (I did finally get to nap with him later in the afternoon which was welcomed and enjoyed.)

Feeling gloomy, just like the weather.
Needless to say, I was ready for a break by the time David got home. We had dinner and then I stayed upstairs to clean the kitchen in peace while David took Ayden downstairs to read and play. It was exactly what I needed! Some mothers feel guilty when they have a *need* to be away from their baby. It doesn't happen much for me so it does feel a little weird when it does. That doesn't mean that it isn't normal and okay! Anyone who has cared for a sick baby all day knows how taxing it can be. Especially since I was so tired on top of it. The most important thing is that once I had my break and got back to Ayden, I was centered and ready to be the caring, sweet mother that he needs me to be right now. Sometimes a little get away, even if it's just to a different part of the house for a bit, is just enough to feel rejuvenated and find your center again. If you take care of yourself and your needs, you are always better able to take care of the needs of your family. If you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, take a break!

Think of all the happy things in your life!
We have given Ayden some infection fighting supplements as well as a honey based cough syrup and he is tucked in for the night. He still has a low grade fever and a dry cough that will undoubtedly keep us up at some point tonight. Thanks to my little "getaway" I can go into the night ready to be the mommy he needs me to be all night long.

Our secret supplement delivery method.
He LOVES taking his supplements!  Hehe.
How do you cope when you realize need a break?



  1. It sounds like your husband doesn't do enough to help if it was a rare treat for him to take him in another part of the house to play while you clean, :(. My husband does that every night and I don't consider it a break or anything. Does he ever get up at night or it is on you 24/7? I'm not flaming or expecting you to even post this comment. It's just something I have always thought. You do too much and you are a young mom so maybe you think that is how it is supposed to be. When your husband gets home from work, everything should be 50/50 and you should get a real break now and then.

    1. I appreciate your concern but I am afraid you have misinterpreted our situation. Just because I don't write about David's involvement on a daily bases does not mean he isn't an involved, supportive and present husband/father. He works just as hard as I do after he gets home from work and we are an amazing team. I thrive with big to do lists and lots of momentum. That is how I was as a teacher and how I have continued to be as a homemaker and mother. This day in particular was tough (we ALL have "those" days) so instead of playing with Ayden in the next room where I can enjoy hearing/watching them play like usual, I had him take Ayden downstairs. He gladly did that for me and would be just as happy to give me whatever kind of break I need at any time. This blog is about me and my journey as a mother. I don't always include details about David and his journey as a father. Rest assured that he is fulfilling his role and then some (even in the middle of the night). I am exposed to a multitude of family/spouse dynamics and am very happy with my life just the way it is. Please remember as you continue to read my blog and the blogs of others, it is easy to feel like you know us very well but there is a lot we don't write about. Just because it isn't mentioned in a blog post, doesn't mean it isn't taking place in our real lives. I hope you will consider taking my posts for what they are rather than reading too far between the lines in the future. Thank you for reading and for taking the time to comment.

  2. Sarah, you and I are very much alike. I feel honored that I have the opportunity to care for all three of my boys and love to devote myself to that. However, if you need that break every now and then in order to be able to maintain that level of devotion all other times, then it is wise to take it! Everyone manages their households differently and I think it's great that you manage yours the way you feel happiest doing it!

    1. Thank you, Maria! You are always so supportive and encouraging. I appreciate you! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!