Monday, May 13, 2013

Taking Initiative

I took Ayden to the doctor today, just to make sure we were really in the clear. His fever finally broke after 3 doses of the Motrin. We were worried that we'd have to take him to the emergency room because his fever was so high. The Motrin would only bring it down to 102 and heat was just radiating off of him. It is hard to guage how alert or to what extent they are acting like "themselves" when they are sleeping restlessly. It was terrible but once the fever broke, he soaked the sheets under him with sweat. I don't think I have ever been so happy to feel wet sheets in my life!

He was feeling *better* yesterday but was still a tad bit warm. We thought that a fever of varying degrees lasting from Thursday night through Sunday warranted a visit to the doctor. After looking Ayden over and giving his little lungs a listen, Doc said that it is a little bit of bronchitis with what is possibly viral pneumonia in one of his lungs. He assured me that it sounds much worse that it actually is and is pretty common for kids Ayden's age. He said it sounded like we did everything right with the immune boosting, infection fighting supplements and the Motrin.  He thought that Ayden appeared to have already turned the corner to recovery.

Pretending that his horse was eating something under  patient table.
Doc wrote a prescription for an antibiotic and said to only use it if his temperature spikes again and suggested pairing it with an infant probiotic if we do have to use it. We love that our doctor is open and supportive with how we feel about medicine and letting the body work for itself.

Other than a lingering cough (which is now wet and must burn his chest with the way he fusses after every cough) Ayden was back to his normal, cheery self today. The cough gets worse at night so I'm sure we'll be up with him once or twice but I am just glad he is feeling better and LOVE kissing his forehead and finding it feeling back to the temperature to which I am accustomed.

Ayden has had some new developments over this past week. Since this post is all about him, I thought I'd include the cuteness here.

"Helping" us buckle his car seat straps.
We have to allow 5 extra minutes if we want to be on time anywhere.
"Helping" us feed the cats...
I was folding clothes while he was rummaging in the pantry.
Then I heard little kibbles scattering all over the floor.
Now I know that when he is rummaging the pantry, he most likely has a plan.
{I have a video of him trying to clean it up but Blogger is having trouble communicating with YouTube at the moment.  I'll come back tomorrow and try to add it then.}


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