Monday, May 6, 2013

May Goals!

Today was a really fun day!  After breakfast we headed to the park.

Ayden fell asleep in the stroller while I took a 30 minute jog and then I went and meandered around our local public library while he finished his nap.  Since I had gathered WAY too many books for my pile to check out, I thought it would be best to stop meandering. I logged in to write this post at one of their computers.

Of course, Ayden woke up right when I typed the title.  He really has impeccable timing...  I clicked save, made sure I signed out since it was a public computer, checked out the books, went down the slide at the park a couple of times and then headed home.  It really was a fun and relaxing day!

I wonder if I'll ever get my monthly goals up on the 1st of the month as I usually plan...  The days leading up to it, I always think to myself, "better remember to post your new monthly goals on the 1st." Then the first comes and goes and I completely forget to post the new goals.  Oh well, at least I make them every month.  I suppose when I share them doesn't *really* matter...  Let's recap April's goals, shall we?:

- Continue to work out at least 3X per week.
This has been hit or miss but overall I'd say it was a big fail.  
-Enter a picture I have taken in a photo contest
I also didn't do this.  I think I'll scrap this one until I happen to take another picture that inspires me.
- Stay "on task" and work efficiently during the day.
This has been a great success.  I will write a post about my new systems and what is working for me at the moment.
- Do something with home videos and photos! (AKA, better data management!)
Also didn't get around to doing this one but they aren't going anywhere so we'll carry this one over.

- Get bee hives built, painted and bees moved in!
- April Veggies planted
Also done! (thanks to David).  We are buying the early May transplants tomorrow.
- Go camping
Rescheduled, yet again.  Now we plan to go next weekend.
- Go to Kite Fest
We decided to go to another park and ride our bikes that day.  Equally as fun, and a lot less crowded.
- Sandbox for Ayden
We don't have the big one up and running but I did make a small sensory sand tub for him and he's really been loving it!  I'll work on getting the big one ready this month.

- Get a new/updated filing system in place
I have everything I need and ideas gathered for this.  Just have to find the time to actually do it.
- Vacuum car
That is on my list EVERY Friday but everything else just seems more fun or more important.  It's been over two years though, it is time.
- Keep up with laundry (one load of clothing laundry everyday, diapers every other day)
I did great with this until the sump pump issue.  Our entire living space in the basement looks like our dressers and such exploded all over it (we had to move them out of the room and took the drawers out so they'd be lighter).  Hopefully I'll be able to whip things back into shape over the next week or two.  

Now for my May goals!

- Use my DSLR camera more. I am actually doing a 30 day photo challenge this month to get me in the habit of grabbing it. So far so good! I will write a post about the challenge including all of the pictures at the end of the month.
- do some sort of 5k training program (tip: if you have trouble meeting a goal, perhaps it is too broad?  "Exercise 3 times a week wasn't working for me so I found a smaller, more specific goal to work towards). I'm pretty sure I could run a 5k now, distance wise, but it would take me a while. I also need someone to tell me what to do so that I'll actually follow through with exercise. I found a podcast called 5k101. It is an 8 week program and a guy walks (or runs) you through every step of the training program. I did the first run today at a very hilly park. It was a decent workout and having a "coach" made a big difference.
- Work on something creative at least once a week. Sewing, crafting, painting, etc. It is very good for my soul during this season of my life.

- The goal I wrote a couple of weeks ago in this spot was to make a decision on a house. Well, we bought our house plans (!!!!!) yesterday. Instead of crossing a goal off this early in the month, I figured I'd expand it. We need to get all of the material lists, quotes, location, etc squared away so we will be ready to break ground as soon as we get our deed in June.
- GO CAMPING!! This is on the schedule for next weekend. Hopefully we won't get rained out or have an awful night's sleep the night before.
- Big sandbox ready for some summer fun for Ayden and his cousins.

- Sell some of our STUFF! List nicer items on Craig's List or Kijiji sell to consignment stores and organize a garage sale for the rest. Perhaps the garage sale itself will be a June goal. Simplify, simplify, simplify!!
- Get our files (digital and paper) organized.

Alright. I have my work cut out for me this month but that is how I like it. I primarily make these monthly goals just to keep me aware of priorities and things I'd really love to see happen. At the same time, there's no pressure. If life gets in the way, I just scrap the goal or bump it to the next month. No big deal!  It's still good to have something to work towards.

Have you thought about what you'd like to accomplish this May?

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