Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bust A Move

We had a pretty lazy, low key day today. At least Ayden and I did. David was the lone busy bee. He and his dad fixed our sump pump (yay for having our own working bathroom again!!) and got a TON of planting done in the garden. He also spent a while figuring out a new budgeting software while Ayden and I took a nap. We all kind of had our own days and though it was refreshing we missed each other!  It was great to come back together at the end of the day. We had dinner and took a walk with my parents around their beautiful gardens.

Black locust blossoms.  So beautiful.
My mom and I were like kids doing cartwheels down the hill in the back hard (yeah, she's totally 63!) and Ayden marveled while I hung upside down on the rings on the swing set.

The farm is such an amazing fit for us!  We can't wait to get our own little home out here and push play on our lives again. With patience and time all these dreams will come true. 

I took a little video of our new evening dance party ritual so we can always look back and see Ayden's moves at 1 year old. The boy loves dancing!  Enjoy!

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