Friday, May 2, 2014

Make Lemonade

Peak of the day:

Family movie night with farmer's market popcorn.
Ayden picked Toy Story 2

Pit of the day: Ayden was playing in the bathroom sink and dumped all of my makeup brushes (along with my toothbrush and a bunch of bead filler from the bottom of the jar) into the water.  When your toddler gives you lemons what do you do??  Make lemonade:

I gave them all a long overdue deep clean.
Parenting a toddler is the wildest web of emotions and feelings that I have ever experienced.  In one day they can make you laugh and make you want to pull your hair out.  They can be snuggly one moment and running from you while you are trying to get them dressed the next.  They can be calm and easy going and then all of the sudden they are having an epic meltdown.  This season of his life has been the most fun yet most trying.  Toddlers are little scientists.  They learn through exploring their environment and have major impulse control issues.  They like toys but the real treasures are the ones you forget to put out of reach while they play in the bathroom sink.  He sees me using those makeup brushes everyday.  Up until today I have always remembered to put them out of reach and they have been one of the few things that I have not let him explore.  He saw his opportunity and ceased it.  Nothing was hurt in his doing so (other than the fact that our sink may become clogged from all of the bead filler that went down...) and it got all of my makeup brushes out of their jar and gave me the kick in the pants to give them a Spring cleaning.  In a way, I need to thank this toddler of mine for allowing me to turn a frustrating moment into an opportunity to cross something off of my list that has been on there for a long time.  The makeup brushes are just one tiny example of the lemons that this little boy gives me.  It is my job to keep perspective and remember that he is just doing what toddlers do best.  If he gets into something he shouldn't or something I don't want him to, it is nobody's fault but my own. It is also good to remember that *most* messes can be cleaned up and even if they can't, in the grand scheme of life, it's probably not that big of a deal anyway.

Here's to all of the parents of toddlers out there who are making lemonade each and everyday.  One day we will look back and be so glad that we did. They are so worth it!


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