Monday, May 26, 2014

Fun In the Sun

We had such a fun day outside today!  

I may or may not have added a bucket of hot water to the cold hose water for my baby.
David spent almost the whole day working on the house.  Yesterday he finished the waterproofing on the basement walls...

Then a friend came to help him spread the gravel around the footers today.  We are almost ready to backfill which will be amazing because as of right now this mama is constantly on edge with a toddler running around the huge hole surrounding the basement.  Filling it in will make it all so much safer and Ayden and I can start spending even more time out there with David while he works.

We had a Memorial Day cook out at my parents house this evening.  My parents, David's parents, my sister's family, two of my aunts, one of my uncles, and my dad's best friend and his wife came together and had a great time.

Everyone needs to wear a bike helmet while grass sledding!
The day was beautiful and we got to enjoy so much of it outside!  This time of year is great because it was hot enough to feel like Summer but we could still find relief in the shade.  That good old Kentucky humidity has not graced us with its presence quite yet.  I'm sure this Summer is going to be a hot one for me!  I need to find a good maternity swim suit because as soon as my parents get their pool open, I have a feeling that Ayden and I will be spending a lot of time in it!

Where are the best places to buy maternity swimsuits?  Did you have any fun Memorial Day plans?


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  1. I hate cold hose water. I have been filling my little ones pool about 3 hours prior to her getting in, problem is bugs and mosquitoes get in with standing water. I will use your idea. Today was mostly shopping, cant stay away from sales. Lol

    1. Shopping is fun! I always hated how cold hose water was too. I know I wouldn't want to sit in that! :)

  2. It is always a relief when the waterproofing is finally done. I hope that it lasted for a good long while. Waterproofing is not permanent, so it pays to check once in a while if something is leaking, or if something needs patching to avoid such situations. Take care!

    Gregg Hogan @ American Basement Solutions