Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baaa Ram You

We made it out to the sheepdog trials today! (The same organization that was in the movie Babe)

We ended up going in the afternoon because David had some house errands to run this morning and we tagged along.  We take family time when we can!

Ayden actually didn't have a lot of attention span to watch much of it (they were kind of far away and took a while to get the sheep across the field) so after one run we headed over to the sheep and fiber fair.   

"Look at the poopy, Mommy!"
He was concerned that they kept stepping in it.

He also wanted me to close him in here. 

While we were petting sheep, goats and alpacas, david and his dad were busy finishing up the sub floor!

David's dad will be out of town this week so he's going to be working on waterproofing the basement walls while he's gone.


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