Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zoo Day

The whole gang.
We were a force to be reckoned with with all of those strollers!  Haha.

Lion Selfie

Elephant Selfie

Selfie where Ayden actually looks like he's enjoying himself.

All of the selfies were for David.  He was bummed he had to go to work while we were off having such a fun day at the zoo.  He was living vicariously through the photos I'd send.

"Hello, Goat.  Hi.  Hi.  Hi."
HUGE Playground after lunch.

Other than an emergency bathroom trip (let's just say I am VERY glad that I carry flushable wet wipes, a change of clothes and a wet bag with us everywhere we go...) the day was a great success!  I am so glad that I took both the stroller and our Ergo.  I wore Ayden in the hip hold and instead of taking him out and in the whole time.  He was at just the right height with no extra effort on my part.  I guess you can call me lazy!  He still sat in the stroller some but it was still useful when he wasn't because it allowed me to push all of our food (lunch and lots of snacks), my camera, water bottles, bag of essentials, etc. instead of carting it around in a backpack like I did through the airport when we were flying to NY.  I took photos of almost every animal that we saw and plan to make a "Friends At the Zoo" photo book as a culminating activity for Ayden.  I'll share the finished product, I think Ayden is going to love it!  It was a really fun day for all of us and I look forward to more play group field trips this summer.


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  1. Please share how you organize a weekly playdate with so many moms and kids. Thats amazing. In my town, I struggle trying to get playdates. I call, leave messages, ask in person, etc. Nothing ever falls through. Everyone seems so busy or uncomfortable. I wish I knew your secret.

  2. I'm so jealous of your playgroup. I wish we had a cool group around here to do stuff like that with!