Saturday, May 17, 2014

Doctor Ayden

The farmer's market is hopping these days!

David was working on the house so Ayden and I had a little day trip to pick up our CSA box and other food we needed for the week.

I got a gift card to a gluten free cafe that has Paleo days on Thursdays and Saturdays so we stopped by there for lunch.  

Ate our dessert first while we were waiting on our soup and sandwich.
Ayden did not object...

We came home to some Amazon boxes on our stoop.  The fruits of another birthday gift card.

Some stuff for me and some stuff for each boy.
Does every mother spend their birthday money on their kids??
Ayden fell asleep during the car ride home so I transferred him to his crib, then unpacked the food and the boxes.  Then I went to join him with about 20 minutes left in his usual hour-long nap time.  He woke up at the hour mark, right on the dot as usual.  I was still tired so I asked him to snuggle with me in bed a little while I woke up and he fell back to sleep.  We slept together for another hour and a half.  Naps these days usually make me anxious because I feel like there is so much that I can accomplish in that hour a day while he sleeps.  Today it felt right though.  I soaked in the snuggles and because he slept so long, I was able to wake up on my own rather than be woken up by him which made a HUGE difference in how refreshed I felt afterward.  I am getting into that bittersweet territory where I am realizing that my one-on-one time with Ayden is fleeting.
When we got up I got to surprise Ayden with his new doctor kit and he LOVED it.  He's been paying close attention at my midwife appointments and knew just what to do:

Maverick and Polly were also immediate patients...

 I got the book Doctor Maisey and it was the perfect pair for the Fisher Price doctor kit.  The characters use almost every item that comes in it.

Dr. Ayden giving my mom a check up.
She is doing very well by the way!
When David got home he was tired and had overcome a couple of frustrating hurtles out at the house and wanted to take me on a date and unwind a bit.  We dropped Ayden off to play with David's parents and enjoyed dinner at one of our favorite little places in town.  We ate outside and got to hears some live music.  We even did a little dancing.

Because of all of the fun we had at that carnival last night, today felt like Sunday to me.  Lucky for us we have the real Sunday coming up tomorrow.  There are some sheep dog trials going on nearby this weekend and I think Ayden and I may pack a picnic lunch and go check it out while David and his dad work some more on the house.  I think he will really like it.  I also need to wrap my head around a meal plan to make sure we use up all of the awesome produce we got in our CSA box this week!

What are your weekend plans?


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  1. How funny! My grandma sent me $100 birthday money and I went to Ikea today to buy my son an easel and toddler table!

  2. I love how you and your son are the best of friends. Children make life so wonderful. Aren't they the most precious!

  3. Yummy, make some crockpot stuff with all that beautiful produce created by God. :-) miss your YouTube mealtime Mondays.

  4. Stuff for your kids is so much more fun to buy than stuff for yourself I think!

  5. I always get excited to get Amazon gift cards because I have an ever growing list of things I want for the kids. So much more fun! Happy belated birthday by the way! Life has been so hectic for me I didn't even notice my own birthday come and go...mommyhood!