Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finally, some SLEEP!!!

Nothing too exciting to report today...  Only that Ayden SLEPT LIKE A ROCKSTAR last night!!!

Like I said in last night's post, he transitioned to bedtime very easily.  He stayed awake while he nursed then was ready to go to sleep about a half hour later (around 8:00).  We turned on his soother, gave him his lotion massage, got him jammied up in his PJs and sleep sack and laid him in his crib.  I read Goodnight Moon to him while he watched the projection of the mobile, then he rolled over and peacefully fell asleep.  A-mazing!!!  I gave him a 6oz dream feed at about 10:00 and then he didn't wake for a feeding until 2am.  I was back in bed by 2:30 and then he slept until almost 6am!!!  I did wake a few times between those, but after a quick glance of the video monitor, I was able to roll over and go right back to sleep.  Definitely the best night we've had since the night before the Derby.  I brought him into our bed, as I usually do for our first morning feeding, where we proceeded to snuggle in and out of sleep together until about 7:30.  Once we were both awake and I was listening to his cute morning chatter, I of course reflected on the night before.  What did we do differently that made it all run so smoothly?  Feeding him before he was over-tired helped us to do our bedtime routine in the "right" order, ending with laying him down sleepy but awake.  Also...  I didn't get the diaper laundry done in time and his fitted diapers were still wet; so I ended up putting him in a BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper, used the one size and newborn stay-dry inserts as well as a hemp babies doubler and then he slept so well.  Hmmm...  I've always noticed that the fitted diapers leave his skin feeling very moist, like his pre-folds do, but never thought much of it because everyone always raves about using fitteds for overnight.  Pocket diapers on the other hand, with their moisture wicking stay-dry inserts and fleece/suede inner linings, make babies feel as dry as one can in a diaper made of cloth.

Well if tonight goes just as well as last night did, we may have our answer because I put him in a super stuffed pocket again tonight.  If we figure out that he's just been uncomfortably wet all this time I will be happy and sad all at the same time. Happy because we finally figured out why our almost 4 month old was waking more often than a newborn and now we'll all be able to get some much needed rest, but sad that it all could have been prevented in the first place.  Oh well, you live and you learn...

We went to our weekly story time today.  I think Ayden is starting to get used to it!  He was smiling and even laughing through almost all of it!! So cute!

Afterward, I went out with my sister and her kids to feed the fish and ducks in the pond where Ayden fell asleep in the Moby.  

David recently told me that he misses grocery shopping with us, so we're going to try to move grocery day to Saturday.  Since I had moved it to Thursdays, we only had enough food to last through tonight so I swung by Whole Foods to get a few things to hold us over until Saturday.  

When we got home I decided to do some major house cleaning.  I had a bunch of half finished projects (FlyLady would be so disappointed...)  Ayden is getting to an age where if he's awake, he wants to be interacting.  This is great for his development, but not so great when you need to get a few things done. Our compromise?  

Moby Lotus Hold!!
There's actually controversy about wearing a baby facing outward.  Some schools of thought will argue that it leaves the baby unsupported and vulnerable.  They aren't able to see your face to assess possible scary situations.  My feelings on the topic?  If the baby is smiling and happy, you are holding them perfectly!  He usually prefers to be held facing out anyway so the lotus hold is right up his alley :).  He really seemed to enjoy watching everything I was doing from my perspective.  The cutest part was how he kicked his little feet on the edge of the sink while I rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. I also found that I talked to him more about what I was doing because I could tell he was actually watching.  If we go to a crowded/unfamiliar place or if he's ready for a nap, I'll stick with our usual hug hold but if we're home and he's awake and willing to take everything in, facing out it is!

What is your biggest "if only I knew then what I know now" parenting moment/memory?  



  1. My little one (one month older than Ayden) was up every two hours last night, and he was in a stay-dry diaper :(. He's a heavy wetter, and we're still trying to figure out the best night diaper solution for him. I have him in a fitted with a hemp babies doubler tonight, since he normally doesn't complain at feeling wet, but...we'll see. Hope the diaper was really the solution for you!

  2. Our biggest "ah ha!" moment for sleeping through the night with our first son was a bath before bed. It calmed our little man so much, that's what did it. So simple and yet I can't believe how long it took me to figure out (I always did morning baths).

    The cloth diaper difference makes sense! I hope you are right :) And since we'll be cloth diapering this bun in the oven... you may have learned the hard way for me. So thanks for sharing :)