Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Day of New Things

Last night was *better*. We put Ayden to bed around 8pm and gave him his dream feed around 10:45 or so. I was in bed by 11pm and was so tired I'm sure I fell right to sleep! He woke for his first feeding around 2am, just making my new 3 hour rule. He woke again around 4am and I got him back to sleep without even taking him out of his crib! I just turned on the waves, gave him his pacifier and patted his back. He fussed for a bit but the fussing got progressively quieter until it stopped altogether and he was back to sleep. I was back in bed in under 10 minutes, WIN!! He didn't wake again until sometime around 5am; which is when I brought him into bed with us and we slept until around 7:30. So I did get up twice in the night but that second time was so quick that it almost doesn't count ;). I'm hoping the fact that he went back to sleep so easily that second time is a sign that we're taking steps in the right direction!

We got to try a lot of new things today which always makes for an exciting day.  Well... as exciting as a day can get without leaving the house.

I "tried" out my new Zumba Wii workout during Ayden's morning nap.

I say "tried" because by the time I found batteries for the Wii remotes, did a system upgrade, set up a new user profile and figured out which workout I may enjoy, I had time to do the warm up before Ayden was awake and ready to eat. I guess you can tell we don't use our Wii very much these days since the remotes didn't even have batteries... I suppose the good thing is that next time I attempt to do Zumba, it'll already be all set up and ready to go!

We also tried out our new (to us) Didymos woven wrap.

I found a lovely gal, Stephanie, who has been SOOO generous to send it to me and let me try it out for a week or two before actually buying it. There are 3 main reasons why I decided to look into adding a woven wrap to my baby-wearing options.

1) I LOVE wraps. The Ergo is nice and will always be a great option for when we need something quick or a bit more comfortable for a long wearing period; but there is a cuddly closeness that I feel with Ayden while wearing a wrap that the Ergo just doesn't possess. Plus, Ayden is in an in between stage for the Ergo. He's too big for the infant insert but isn't yet ready to spread his little legs across our waists.  Therefore, if we want to wear him, we have to go with wraps until he grows a little more.

2) The Moby wraps are HOT! Woven wraps are made of thinner, more breathable fabric and you don't wrap them around you so many times. I knew that if I wanted to continue wearing Ayden into the summer, I'd need a different option.  Lately it's gotten a little cooler again so it hasn't been too much of an issue but the first day it got close to 90* and I didn't get to wear him a single time all day I was pretty sad.

3) Because woven wraps don't stretch, you can wear your baby into their toddler years.  Babies tend to outgrow Moby-type wraps by the time they are about 15 pounds or so.

I didn't get to wear the Didymos for very long today but I could already tell that it would be cooler for the summer.  I'll give it a few more days but I think it's safe to say that I will be the proud owner of a Didymos woven wrap!

We have also tried out a couple of new brands of pocket diapers lately!

Happy Heinys -- such a cutie!!  I couldn't have posed him better myself :).
We've used this diaper twice now.  I like that the print is adorable and supposedly glow in the dark.  We are in need of more disposable-like diapering options as we near the age of babysitting readiness. So this hook and loop diaper will work well for that purpose. That being said, the hook and loop on this particular brand of diaper is also something that I'm not so happy with.  The overall quality of the diaper is not as good as any of the other pockets that we have in our stash and the laundry tabs don't work at all.  With the level of strength (or lack there of) for this particular hook and loop closure,  I could totally see Ayden taking the liberty of removing this diaper himself someday.  But for now, it's totally cute and will be grandparent friendly. Job done.

Fuzzi Bunz!
I am in love with this brand of diaper.  I purchased two, and again, he's only worn each of them once but they are very well made and very soft.   I have always been interested in this brand because I figure it is one of the leading brands for a reason and because I have mostly snap rise diapers. I didn't end up purchasing any Fuzzi Bunz for our original pocket stash because it was during the transition to the "Made in Turkey" line and everyone was complaining about them.  These are the newer Fuzzi Bunz Elite line and they are wonderful.  He is still on the smallest setting in them, though, so even if we had them from the beginning I think he'd just now be getting to into them anyway.

Ayden also made a couple of new developments in his play today.  He worked his way around in a circle in his exer-saucer (the seat spins).  It was kind of funny because he got himself turned around to the back and then started fussing.  I went to him and started talking and he immediately looked at me with his cute little gummy grin.  I think he had gotten distracted by all of the new things to look at, didn't realize he was spinning, then looked up and wasn't sure where I was or something.  It was so cute.  Once he realized I was still there, he went back to playing.

He's a fan!
He also met a new playmate today:

Oh man, we are so in love with this kid!  Just so. stinking. cute!


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