Monday, May 14, 2012


Ayden is still waking up a lot at night and I am still exhausted. I have decided to only feed him in intervals of 3 hours or more. I figure if a newborn doesn't even need to eat that often then our almost 4 month old doesn't need to either. If he wakes before the next 3 hour mark, I bounce/rock and sing to calm him, then lay him back down, turn on the waves option on his soother (because it seriously sounds just like loud sushing), and pat his back until he falls back to sleep.  This usually means that he's awake and actually hungry an hour later but I'm hoping he'll eventually phase out waking in between?  Like I said, always trouble shooting...

We've been using Kissaluvs Marvel fitted diapers at night for a while now and like them a lot.  We are currently covering them with our Thirsties Duo wrap covers but will eventually have to move to wool.  Ayden is definitely a heavy nighttime wetter!  I've heard that fitteds  + wool covers are a bullet proof nighttime solution.  Now I just have to do the research to find which wool cover will work best for us.

In his Kissaluvs Marvel fitted :)

David put Ayden's exersaucer together last night!  We tried it for the first time this morning and he loves it!  

The monkeys are his favorite part so far :).  

He can only take it in small doses as of right now but we know that he'll build stamina for it in no time, just like he did with his Bumbo seat.

He's also started doing a couple of other cute things.  He has learned that if he pumps his left leg over and over that it makes his bouncy seat bounce a lot:

And he's also started noticing the pets.  He was grabbing handfuls of Polly, our cat's, fur the other day and last night he laughed at Maverick, our dog, a little. 

Everything is just so fun these days and we know it will only get better!

Do you cloth diaper?  What is your go to nighttime solution?



  1. we use a flip cover, with a stay dry insert and then a hemp inset under that. it sounds too good to be true, but it really is bullet proof. before this we tried double stuffing, tripple stuffing, fitteds, the only thing we didnt try was wool. the only reason we didnt was cause wool is pricey. my son is a crazy heavy wetter so i recommend you try the flip for night

  2. I haven't started cloth diapering yet, but I hope to when baby #2 gets here.

    I've heard double stuffing helps? I still have a lot of research to do! :S