Thursday, May 24, 2012

Precious Moments

So... I haven't had too much to report lately. We've fallen into a wonderful groove and Ayden is, for the most part, very predictable. We are still working on the sleep thing but he is consistent and predictable even with that and my body is adjusting.

Lately, I've been succeeding at taking at least one of his naps with him everyday, with my sleep lasting anywhere between 15 - 30 minutes. Not only does this help me get through the day without feeling like a floating head (that's the best way to describe how the exhaustion makes me feel on worse days), but it also pencils downtime into my daily schedule.

I think it's pretty typical for stay at home and working moms alike to get caught up in whatever tasks may be on their never ending to do lists. Thanks to Ayden's need to eat every 3 hours around the clock, and the toll it takes on me, we now have a wonderful and valid excuse (if one were even needed) to drop everything, lay in bed, snuggle, nurse and sleep together. If all of that isn't wonderful enough, it's not even the best part...

The best part is the precious moments we share when he wakes up. He may fuss or fight waking a bit but as soon as he hears my voice, singing works best, it's like it pulls him back from dreamland to the present. He stops fussing, blinks a couple of times and then greets me with smiles and adorable coos. These are moments I savor. Right as I'm experiencing them I tell myself, "Remember this forever. Remember exactly how his soft cheek feels when you kiss it. Remember the sound of his sweet little voice and cute little raspberries. Remember how he reaches up to touch your face, exploring your mouth and nose. Remember that though he may not have memories of these moments, they are shaping him just as much as they are shaping you. This matters." These moments are so precious and I just feel so lucky and happy to call them mine.

Writing about these feelings reminds me of one of my favorite children's books:

I have it up in my attic with all of my school books. I need to get it down and read it to Ayden. It is such a sweet little book and I have no doubt it will make me cry now, as I haven't read it since becoming a mother. I'm pretty sure the author wrote it from his own memories of precious moments just like these.



  1. My mother gave me this book, Although i am not a mother yet , i love the book & i am keeping it safe till i have children.

  2. Oh Sarah you're in for it with the book. I was gifted the book and the first time I read it to my little guy I got so choked up I couldn't read it. My husband read it to us and I cried (I had never read it before, so I didn't know what I was in for).

    There is another book I love called "If I Could Keep You Little" by Marianne Richmond and that one also caught me off guard. It was a gift for my son's first birthday and hit me right in the heart as all I kept thinking in the weeks leading up to his birthday were "please stop growing up!"

    I talked a lot about that in my own blog. It's all I can do to squeeze every last drop out of every moment I share with my little guy.

    Love, love, love this post!

  3. Wow, not only did I cry reading this post but while reading it through tears to my husband, he teared up as well. We have a 10 week old and sometimes want to get to the more "fun" aspects of having a child but we need to savor and remember the moments of having a little baby.