Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daddy, The Baby Whisperer :)

Getting Ayden to bed last night was a bit of a challenge.  I had unfortunately forgotten to pack his overnight diaper and PJs so we had to change him when we got home.  He had fallen asleep in his car seat and it would have been amazing to just give him a dream feed then transfer him right to his crib but instead we had to change his diaper which woke him up enough to fight falling back to sleep.  I was SO exhausted so David swooped in to save the day, or rather saved the night!  He was so wonderful.  He walked Ayden around bouncing, swaying and patting.  He even stopped to give him a hug every now and then and I could tell he was enjoying the feeling of his son falling asleep on him so much.  When Ayden began to cry when he put him in his crib, David knew just what to do.  He patted his bottom and shushed in his ear until he quieted and fell asleep for the night.  He was my life saver and I again was reminded how happy that I am to have such a great partner in this parenting thing.  It is not always easy and as I've said before, it is so wonderful to have someone to pass the baton to when you need it!  We were all in bed for 11 hours straight.  I probably got around 7 hours total throughout the night.  Not too bad :). 

Today, we had a much needed stay home day.  

We ate breakfast al fresco:

Then hung out on our deck for a while enjoying the morning sun and reading The Hunger Games.

Polly enjoyed a little sun bathing too :)

We (mostly David) got our little backyard vegetable garden started.  We can't wait to eat the veggies we grow!  We planted broccoli, spaghetti squash, zucchini, yellow squash, green and red belle peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes.  We need a few more containers for our carrots, onions and herbs but that will be a project for next weekend.  Now we are just hoping that the cute little bunny that has taken residence under our deck won't come out and snack on it all tonight.

And I sunned our diapers.  I hadn't sunned them in a WHILE so they were pretty stained.  

Before and after.  Truly amazing!!
It's amazing how the sun bleaches them so well and so quickly!  They are as good as new.  Too bad they'll be stained again the next time he wears them.  Hopefully I can sun them all summer long!

After lunch, we showered and then gave Ayden a bath.  He is getting a bit more difficult to bathe since he wants to sit up and roll over the whole time.  He still loves it though! As for the rest of our day, David helped me get the house back in order and then we went for a walk and had an AMAZING dinner!  

Clasping his little monkey toes!

Such a fun and productive family day!

What do you do during your stay home weekend days?


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