Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Best Part of Everyday

Ayden and I had a quiet day at home today. It was a good nap day too. I was able to take his second nap with him which was glorious.

When we woke up we went for a walk and then tackled some house to do's.

"Helping" me put laundry away...
Ayden's next nap came earlier than expected and all on his own. I put him in his crib with his mirror and a few toys so I could vacuum his room. Right after I put him in he started rubbing his face and yawned so I wondered if he'd want to go to sleep. After I vacuumed I came back to check on him and low and behold, he had rolled over and fallen asleep.  I don't know whether he really was that tired, he's learned to associate his crib with sleep, or if the white noise of the vacuum did it; but those naps are my favorite! He's just so peaceful when he falls asleep all on his own like that.

After that nap he played in his exersaucer while I made dinner and was "talking" to Mav. It was so cute!

 When he was super tiny I wrote a post wondering if one day he'd be an animal lover like his mommy and I think that day has already come :). He is so interested in Mav and Polly and already acts as though they are just a couple more members of our little family.

Then it was time for the best part of everyday!

When we are all together again when David gets home from work. Ayden really lights up when David comes in. He definitely knows and loves his daddy.

Now we are ready to end this quiet day with a relaxing evening.

What's the best part of your day?


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