Friday, May 11, 2012

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Something about freshly stuffed diapers makes me so happy!

Ayden "helped" me cook today :). Since I teach dance on Fridays, I've started making crockpot meals so we can eat right when I get home. The blog where I found today's recipe called it jambalaya but I think they meant gumbo... It was definitely more of a soup. Ayden seemed to enjoy watching me chop all of the veggies and count out all of the cup and spoon fulls of ingredients. He also got to feel the peppers as we talked about their colors and how they felt smooth and cold. There is SOOO much that can be taught through cooking! I think David is going to build him a learning tower for his first Christmas. It will be so fun to include him in cooking our family meals.

At dance tonight, Ayden tried out his cousin's bouncer. He really liked it! It's definitely time to get out his exersaucer at home :). Bouncy seats and floor mats will soon be toys of his past. He's ready to experience the world upright like the rest of us!

After dance, we came home to eat our crockpot jambalaya/gumbo and then headed to Ayden's first baseball game with a couple of our favorite people.

I wasn't sure how the evening would go since we got there when we usually put Ayden to bed but it turned out to be great! He ate and fell asleep right when we got there and had a nice nap. When he woke up it was dark so the field was lit up and the crowd was into the game. He was fascinated! He was looking around, wide eyed at all of the people and the field. There were all kinds of new sounds and smells too. He was so cute in his little baseball outfit and, of course, he had plenty of admirers :).

After our rough transition to bed after the Derby, I vowed that I would never again forget to pack Ayden's nighttime diaper and PJs again! If we'll be out late enough to out him straight to bed, he's riding home ready. After his wardrobe change, Ayden was so happy to see David when we met back up with everybody. He sure loves his daddy! <3

With how much he loved the sights and sounds of the ballgame, I think he's going to end up being a big sports fan, just like his dad :).

~ Sarah

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