Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Hold

Righty's duct is (or maybe even ducts are??) plugged again. I tried everything that I did to relieve it on Sunday with no success. After a very fussy pre- bedtime feeding session (I was trying to get Ayden to help clear things out and he was frustrated with the decreased flow) I decided that I needed some professional advice. My dear home birth midwife used to be a La Leche League leader and even though I'm technically not her client anymore, she always told me to call anytime, especially with any breastfeeding issues. I told her what all I had tried (hot compress, hand compressions, shower/wide tooth comb massage, nursing and pumping) and she suggested that I also try bending over into a pan of hot water while hand compressing and to be sure to have him nurse on that side as much as possible. She asked of I had been wearing anything constrictive, which I haven't, but I did tell her that I've been sleeping on my stomach. She gave me orders to avoid tummy sleeping, and to take in extra fluids, take some vitamin C and get as much rest as possible in an attempt to stave off mastitis while I get things worked out.

Needless to say, our "get more sleep boot camp" is on hold until I can get this under control, especially if I need MORE sleep (haha) since we woke A LOT last night... I actually want him to wake a lot tonight so that I can encourage him to nurse as much as possible because nothing can clear out ducts in a breast like a baby!

I think instead of pans, I'm going to run a nice, hot bath to soak in. I just need to be sure that, while I'm working on the duct, to position myself so that gravity can help move things out; as well as relaxing a bit. Here's hoping because plugged ducts are a bit painful and the idea of it developing into mastitis is very stressful for me...

As for our day today, we slept in after partying all night, got a few things done around the house and then went to have lunch with David. He's always a bit bummed when we sleep in because he doesn't get much time with Ayden on those days. A lunch date was just the ticket. Ayden is becoming so social. He smiles at everyone and is wide eyed with curiosity, taking in all of the new people and voices. Everyone just kept commenting on what a happy baby he is and how cute, sweet , etc he is. Of course David and I were all puffed up with pride as we showed our sweetie off to everyone.

The smile that won everyone over today!
I know I mentioned yesterday that Ayden had really been getting his hands out there to explore his world but even today he showed further development in this area. He's building up stamina for his exer-saucer and went around and around, from toy to toy, completely engrossed on figuring each one out.

Here he is playing in his crib today:

Such a playful little boy!

I've said this a lot on this blog, but I'll say it again, this age is so fun and we are soaking up every minute we have with Ayden while we watch him grow and develop right before our eyes.

Being a parent is so cool :).

My favorite is the big smile with the crinkled nose.
Reminds me of his daddy <3.

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