Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving Right Along!

Somebody was up about every hour last night... Since Mr. Ayden decided that we needed to party all night long, I cancelled Little Miss and this is how we spent most of our day today...

Sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to snuggle all day.
(Focus on the positive, right??)
He may be trying to increase my milk supply?  Or maybe putting him to bed on his back didn't allow him to get into that nice deep sleep he's been reaching since moving to his crib?  Maybe he's teething?  We are definitely finding that sleepless nights are much more common than our pre-baby selves ever thought possible... I ended up breaking down and bringing him to our room around 2:30 and into our bed around 4:30.  A mommy can only get out of bed so many times before it turns into torture...  Tonight is a new night!  It's never too late to try again :).

We did accomplish a few other things today...

Ayden rolled back and forth several times today!  It is so cute and fun to watch him learn to accomplish  his new milestones!  He gets so proud of himself.  A couple of other's skills that he's achieved recently have been reaching and taking toys we offer him as well as turning to look for us when he hears us.  He's also noticing our pets now, even beginning to reach out and touch them.  Before they know it he'll be grabbing handfuls of fur and tails!  Next skill on the list to work towards? Sitting with support.

Tomorrow is story time and errand day so I'm off to meal plan and make dinner!  Two things that have changed my life recently:

1) Having dinner ready when David gets home
2) Introducing a bedtime routine/early bedtime

That is all.

Here's a clip of the giggles Ayden saved for his daddy when he got home:

It's so cute how Ayden lights up and smiles when David gets home.  I love that our deep love for Ayden gives us one more thing in common with one another that we can never have with anyone else.  Nothing can ever compare to having a child with your Love!


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