Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Off To Dreamland

I felt so much better today since I got my feelings about Little Miss off my chest. Now I just have to talk to her mom tomorrow. I always hate confrontation and usually try to avoid it at all costs. Her mom won't be mad or anything, I just know she'll be pretty bummed...

My mood on the days she's not here is exponentially better. Ayden naps better as well because I have the time and focus to continue working on his independent napping. When Little Miss is here he ends up in the Moby because it is the easiest solution.

I also just LOVE focusing on Ayden with no interruptions or distractions. We had floor play time where we are now working on rolling back over...

We read books, and then Ayden hung out in the bouncy seat while I showered...

and again while I prepped all of the ingredients for dinner.

All ready to become chicken cacciatore!
I always talk to him telling him about everything I'm doing, have him smell fragrant ingredients (hello oranges and ginger!) while i go about my cooking. I finally took a break to look down at him and saw that he had the "seven mile stare" and had stopped playing with his toys (both of which are signs that it's time to sleep) so I went to get the Moby so I could continue my work in the kitchen. I walked across the room to put it on and when I came back he had fallen asleep without a single fuss.

He is just so sweet and seems to just get sweeter and more fun the older he gets. I was torn about whether to move him to his crib or just let him nap in the bouncy seat. I decided to move him because he kept startling awake. He barely even stirred during the transfer but was awake and crying about 15 minutes after I closed his door.

Love how you can see his cow-print Best Bottom diaper :)
 I'm not sure what woke him up but into the Moby he went where he ended up sleeping for over a hour.

Ayden was in a great mood when David got home.  It is so cute seeing them play together.  Ayden just lights up when David gets home.  Nothing like seeing a proud papa with his son. 

We had dinner around 6:00 and the rest of the evening was pretty relaxing.  We started Ayden's bed time routine around 7:30 (feeding, nighttime diaper/PJs, lavender lotion massage, book, bed) and he was asleep by 8.  I caught a little clip of him drifting off to dreamland:

Sorry the quality is bad...  It was pretty dark in there.

I have no idea why we didn't start this early bedtime routine earlier!!  It is AMAZING!  He ended up waking up around 9:30 or so.  I'm not sure why, maybe because he was on his back?  I nursed him back to sleep so we're not worrying about a dream feed tonight.  That being said, I'd better get to sleep myself!  


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