Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daddy Day

Today was David's first time taking care of Ayden by himself for an extended period of time.

We started the day out with a haircut for me (only 10 weeks overdue...). David and Ayden came with me because the girl who cuts my hair wanted to meet him. While I got my trim, the boys went to look at manly things at Sears.

After my haircut, David dropped me off at Little Miss' mom's pet store for the hamster derby! Yep, you read it right... HAMSTER derby.

 Every year I run a T-shirt tie-dye station.

All proceeds go to St. Jude's children's hospital. They also have sno-cones, popcorn, pony rides and a petting zoo.

That's how I felt before I got my much needed trim!
It's some great, free family fun if you ask me. The cutest part is hearing the kids cheer on their hamsters, "Come on Fuzzy Butt! You can do it!". Haha.

Today, David was the one sending me sweet pictures of our baby boy.

It was my longest time away from Ayden so far. My body could definitely tell too. My milk let down twice while I was there, usually after someone got me talking about Ayden. Luckily I wore breast pads! My boys picked me up at 3 and I was happy to get home and empty out the girls.

Ayden got to "ride" a pony before we left :)
We rested for a bit then headed out to take some prom pictures for some of our dance students in my Mom's garden. It was crazy to think that my senior prom was TEN years ago this year. It was fun reminiscing while seeing them all dolled up with their dates.

We had another jam packed day and I'm exhausted (no surprise there). Tomorrow is the first time I'll be a mommy on Mother 's Day.

My oldest sister sent me some flowers for my first Mother's Day
We knew we were pregnant last year but this is definitely different. I can't wait to hug and kiss on our son and bask in all of the warm, fuzzy feelings that come with being a mommy. Ayden turned 16 weeks today and it just keeps getting better and better. <3

What are your plans for Mother's Day? Is it anyone else's first? Happy Mother's Day to all of the other mommies out there!!


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  1. What a fun filled day you had! I hope you have a blessed Mother's Day Sarah. It is my first one too. Our little man just turned 7 months. We tried and prayed for 8 long years for the Lord to bless us with an angel and He did when we least expected.

    Thank you for sharing your daily adventures with us! I enjoy following Ayden's growth. It reminds me that our son was accomplishing those developments just a few short months ago. And it also reminds me to tell him slow down ;) these 7 months have flown by. They grow so fast don't they?