Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I <3 Baby Wearing!
Ayden made a new development over the weekend.  He's been batting at dangling objects for months and started reaching to grab toys a few weeks ago; but now he's actively trying to reach out and touch anything and everything he can get his hands on.  He found his pacifier pod on the diaper bag while we were at the pool, he grabbed a printed burp cloth off of my shoulder and he has discovered that if he pulls hard enough, he can get the toys to come off of his bouncy seats.  

He is definitely persistent and is really enjoying being able to manipulate his environment.  And, of course, his mouth is the primary destination for any treasures he can get his hands on.  

A little while back, I posted a picture of our little rabbit friend that has taken residence under our deck in the back yard.  We named him Peter.  I think it's invited a friend to stay with him...

We'll call this little one "Chip"
I think Maverick got a glimpse of Chip or Peter because he spent a good 15 minutes sitting like this.

Our back yard is usually very boring with our 6' privacy fence and all.  He NEVER looks out the back door and much prefers the busy happenings out the front of the house.  Mav is a big fan of rabbits, squirrels and other furry little critters so he was probably willing the door to open!

There wasn't too much going on today.  We went for our morning walk during which I made a few phone calls.

Then did a little housework before heading to teach another make up dance class.  On the way home I stopped at Kroger for the items for this week's groceries that Whole Foods didn't have and to take care of a couple things at our bank branch there.  When we got home I was so happy to find that Ayden was  ready for a nap.  He woke up a lot last night so I was so tired and ready to join him!  I got to sleep for about 20 minutes until my cat discovered it was nap time and woke me up trying to get under the covers with us.  Ayden, on the other hand, slept for an hour and a half. 

That's two days in a row of long afternoon naps (his morning nap was an hour as well).  Poor little man is making up for lost sleep at night I think.  Sleep is so important for babies' and kids' development.  I want him to get it when he can!  We'll keep working on getting it at night but if he doesn't, I want him to make up for it during the day for sure.   

Has anyone ever heard of this book?
David and I originally saw this at a cute little bookstore in Pennsylvania while we were visiting our old neighborhood over the summer.  I was 20 weeks pregnant and we thought it was funny, cute, clever, etc (we are not easily offended)...  I'm pretty sure if I were to read it now it would have a whole new meaning :).  The illustrations are actually quite beautiful.  Ayden turned 18 weeks on Saturday, which coincides with what my midwife said about growth spurts every 3 weeks.  Hopefully we'll be back to waking every three hours (or less) soon!!  



  1. Since I've become a Mom, I've heard of that book several times but I've never seen it myself. I'll have to look for it this weekend after I check Barnes n Noble for 50 Shades of Gray :)

  2. I feel so sorry for you. We know, sleepless nights come with the job, but it is still hard. One month ago, we had the same problem. our little guy awoke every hour to an hour and a half, three nights in a row. After that I really tried to stick to a three hour routine during the day and it helped a little bit. Than, I discovered that Tracy Hogg aka "the baby whisperer" wrote a follow up book "the baby whisperer solves all your problems" which I found really helpful. I understood that my little one didn't needed to be feed during the night if I'm feeding him every three hours during the day. His wakings where a result of my accidental parenting. I gave her method a shoot and tied to calm him and put him back to bed when he awoke in the night. After the third night, I didn't even had to get up. Now, when he awakes, he talks a little while to him self and falls back to sleep on its own. I dream feed him at 10.30 pm and go to get him at 7.00 am. It is great. Tracy says, the key is to be consistent. But I guess every family has to find there own way and do what they feel comfortable with. So please keep looking.

    I hope you all get more sleep at night soon. Best wishes Jana