Friday, May 25, 2012

A World of Wonder

We went to have lunch with Daddy at work!
Everyday, Ayden is becoming more and more involved with the world around him. He is very playful and curious. When he sees or hears something new, he becomes a quiet observer. You can just see the wheels turning and you just know that he's soaking it all up. These days, he is very eager to explore new things. He reaches out to grab and bat at things, instantly pulling them to his mouth.

This is one of the very things that David and I would daydream about before we were even pregnant. Now that we are parents, we get to discover and explore the world through the eyes of a little person who is taking it all in for the first time. It is so fun to see the expression of surprise on his face as we pour his bath water over his hands; or when his little eye brows raise and his head bobbles around, searching for the source of a new sound.

He is quick to put together cause and effect relationships as you may have noticed in the "how to make a bouncy seat bounce" video and in this video of him in his exersaucer:

He has discovered that when he does little body slams against the back of the seat, the little chameleon sings his fancy color song. He does it over and over, looking at the chameleon and smiling once he's achieved his goal. He seems to be a tough little guy too since all that body slamming seems to make him so happy. I think his daddy will have a wrestling partner before we know it :)

David finally got around to editing Ayden's 3 month pictures.  We narrowed it down to 39 from 600... That takes a while :).  It's so hard to throw out pictures of our handsome little man! Here are a few of our favorites!

Such a cutie pie!!
What has been your favorite thing to re-experience through the eyes of your child(ren)?


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  1. The pics are gorgeous, Sarah! Not hard to get a good pic of that cutie! I feel you on scraping the extras. I learned its good to just snap away instead of waiting for the perfect pic and then just go back and delete the "bad" ones, but I can't make myself delete them. It feels like I'm throwing my child away! Lol