Saturday, May 19, 2012

Block Party!!

Ahhhh, a day with plans that don't include anyone but us :). David and I worked out together this morning. We have always enjoyed being workout buddies but haven't gotten to work out at the same time very much in the past 16 weeks. While we worked out, Ayden tried out his door jumper for the first time.

He was a fan! It was actually more of a door spinner for now but I'm sure he'll be jumping around in no time!! He only had the stamina for it for about 10 minutes or so. We'll have to slowly increase his time in it.

We also made it to the Farmer's Market today which we always enjoy. We decided to try a new vegetable every week. This week's pick is Kholrabi. The lady we purchased it from described it as a cross between broccoli, apple and turnip... Should be interesting!

We ended the day with a block party! We had always talked about organizing one, and our awesome neighbors finally made it happen. It was so nice to meet more people on our street and also nice that we could walk right into our house whenever we needed to. No diaper bag toting to this party! It was very relaxing and enjoyable.

When the evening was wrapping up, David went into the house to take an armload of stuff we had brought out with us.  I thought it was strange when he sent me a text but when I read it I knew our enjoyable relaxation was over...  Our dog, Maverick, had gotten sick (like, the poo kind of sick) in his crate.  Our poor husky has always had digestive issues.  If there's any kind of increased stress, or if he eats something he's not supposed to, or sometimes for what seems like no reason at all he gets "sick."  David had noticed on Mav's morning walk that things weren't the desired consistency so he made sure to take him out again before the party.  I suppose that extra walk wasn't enough... I said goodnight to all of our neighbors and came home to put Ayden to bed while David got started on cleaning up.  Once Ayden was asleep I helped finish the job, gave our pup a couple of Pepto Bismol tablets and put him to bed too.  Shew!  Between a baby and pets we definitely have enough to take care of!

Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary and we will be going on our first real date since Ayden was born (though we haven't quite decided what it will be yet).  We both have a little bit of anxiety about leaving Ayden, but like I've said before, it is important to us that we keep our relationship at the core of our little family and officially celebrating our wedding anniversary is important to us.  Ayden will be in good hands with his grandparents at our house and we plan to keep our date pretty short.  Hopefully we'll also find some time to watch our wedding video as well since that has been a anniversary tradition in the past.

Have you ever cooked kholrabi?  Any recipe recommendations?  

When did you first leave your baby with someone other than you or your husband?  Did you experience any anxiety over it?  


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  1. Happy Anniversary!! It so important to keep you and your husbands relationship in focus for not only you two but the sake of your baby! With that said it is perfectly normal to have anxiety over your little one for the first time. I know that I had each time I had to for the first YEAR of his life!! Yes I cried the first time we left him with my own parents. Now 4 years later and the second one on they way I know how important it is to get those few moment alone with your hubby to just remember who you two are and how you got to this wonderful place with such a little miracle. I'm sorry I don't know to much about the vege!?! Please update when you use it! :)