Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Join A CSA!

Since we have so much going on this summer and chose not to have a vegetable garden, we decided to join a local CSA for the first time!  We are so excited. The farm is actually in our town but we have arranged to pick up our boxes at the farmer's market every Saturday instead of going out to their farm to get it. We will be going to get meat from the farmer's market each week anyway do it just made more sense to so it that way. We get our first box this weekend and here is what will be in it:

We have the full share.
I'm not really sure what meal planning will start looking like now that we are doing this.  We get emails with photos like the one above attached a week prior to receiving the boxes so I think I'll *try* to take some time to research some fun recipes to try and that way we'll know what meat to shop for once we are there. If I don't find time I'll just keep doing what I have been and just buy enough random meat for the week and wing it from there. 

Have you ever been a member of a CSA? Did you meal plan?  If so, what method worked best for you?


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  1. I miss seeing you on YouTube! I really enjoyed you meal time mondays