Friday, May 16, 2014

Returns... UGH

Back before we were parents I never minded making returns and exchanges at stores.  Often times I would even purchase something without trying it on with the mentality of, "If it doesn't fit I'll just bring it back..."  These days things are different.  I strongly dislike wasting my precious time to return or exchange things. Taking Ayden in and out of the car so much only to stand at a register and wait for the process just isn't my idea of time well spent. Sometimes it's unavoidable, though.  Even with how much I don't like doing it, it's still not that big of a deal for me.  Even so, when we have something that needs to go back to a store I put it off forever.  The bag just sits there, staring at me and weighing me down until I finally can't take it anymore and head to the store.  Today was a full day of returns/exchanges and a few purchases.  

And some indoor gross motor play on a chilly, rainy day!
I had 4 stores to visit at the mall, and 3 stores to visit around the mall (which were all far enough away to have to put Ayden in his car seat and drive between each...).

Ayden picked out this hat at Old Navy.  He said, "It's a hat like Daddy!"
My Target haul:
-Calendar for our chicken/egg record keeping
- 4 pack of newborn onsies (first purchase for Logan!)
- white maternity undershirt (the girls are OUT OF CONTROL.  I need a way to be a little more modest.)
- New water bottle (one of my old ones broke, got a glass one this time!)
- spray baby sunscreen (rates a 2 with EWG)
annnnd I went in for the calendar ONLY... sheesh.
We had lunch at Whole Foods and picked up a few groceries while we were there then we came home for nap time.  I had to transfer Ayden from his crib to the car after about 50 minutes because I had a chiropractor appointment.  He slept the whole way there and ended up taking a longer nap than he would have if we stayed home for his whole nap.  

When I got home I was TIRED!  I'm pretty sure I did a bit too much today. I rallied though because we had some fun planned for the evening.  Our friends joined us at an annual carnival at a local church in our town.  

Ayden changed his mind at the last minute and wanted the "chair" instead of the horse.
Once we were there for a while and Ayden was comfortable with the place, we asked if he wanted to ride the horse cart ride.  Adults were not allowed to ride so we told him that Mommy and Daddy would be standing outside the gate watching.  He thought about it for a minute and decided to give it a try.  He LOVED it.  The first couple of times around he held on tight and had a cautious, close mouthed smile.  Then his smile grew and he'd let go with one hand and wave at us when he'd pass by.  David and I were so proud of him and really enjoyed being on the outside together.  

Later David took Ayden down that big slide in the background of the photo above and Ayden loved it too.  We were talking about how the parent who does something with Ayden gets to experience it with him and the parent who watches gets to see his joy.  Having him do that horse cart ride by himself was really special for us.  It showed us how much he is growing up and becoming his own person and allowed us to put our arms around each other and enjoy our shared pride from the same perspective.  For such a small thing, it was a big moment for us as parents somehow.  I'm sure it was a glimpse of plenty more of those moments to come. Like when older kids play on sports teams or accomplish their goals and dreams on their own.  It's no wonder our parents are so proud of us!  I totally get it...

What are your least favorite kind of errands to run?


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  1. Looks like you had fun, love the hat on little guy. I never can go to target for one thing either. I love the water bottle.I used to use glass water bottles that I purchased Norwegian water in and kept reusing. I think its time for a new one. I will have to go check them out.

  2. Definitely sounds like a LONG but GOOD day!!!

  3. I love reading about how you both enjoyed watching Ayden experience something on his own. It feels so scary to let our children do their own thing, yet its exactly what we're raising them to do (stand on their own feet) and I think you two are doing a great job at it!

  4. My husband works at a coffee shop and I can finally give my just-turned two year old some freedom there. He knows not go to behind the counter and likes to play with the books there. It is so nice to actually sit down and enjoy a drink!