Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maverick's Toad

Maverick pounced on this guy today:

Hello Mr. Toad!
I was expecting to see him trying to catch a mouse or mole or something but nope.  He got it in his mouth and spit it out really quickly.  Then he spent the next few minutes trying to get the (what I'm guessing was) awful taste out of his mouth.  He looked like he had a mouth full of peanut butter.  It was pretty amusing.  This all went down during Ayden's nap so I filled the pitcher we use to water plants with a tiny bit of water and put the toad there for safe keeping until I could share it with my little critter lover when he woke up.  Here is a clip of Ayden and Maverick's toad friend:

We later named him "Toady" then set him free and Ayden kept saying, "Bye toad!" and then when the toad didn't go anywhere he started saying, "Go away!"  It was cute and very entertaining for me.

Ayden got to bed late tonight because he had a little spa night after dinner.  He had a bath and played for a while (his current favorite bath toys are some dinosaurs and a tiny cup from his stacking cup set).  Then I did the usual upkeep of ear cleaning and nail clipping and then I gave him a hair cut.  He went to bed looking so handsome and is going to wake up with some wicked bed head.  I know this because the shorter his hair, the crazier it gets while he sleeps.  If it is epic enough I'm sure you'll see a picture of it in tomorrow's post!

What animals has your dog helped you discover?  Were you able to keep it for a little science lesson before setting it free? Ayden totally wanted to keep this one forever.  It took me a while to convince him to help me let it go.

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