Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Reunion Fun

Road trip!

So. Much. Rain. 

Pleasant car ride. 

Playing with cousins in the rain. 

Daddy played corn hole, volley ball and soft ball. 

We cheered him on. 

The rain stopped!!

Ayden FINALLY gave in and fell asleep!

We ate brauts and I had s'mores.  

We got our fireworks. Ayden woke up for them and was not a fan. 

He fell back to sleep by the bon fire.  Now we are tucked into our tent for the night. No more rain in the forecast. Woohoo!  Such a fun day!


Flashback to last year's reunion:
(I make that a better link when I get home to my computer).


  1. Sleeping baby at the end. Precious!

  2. My best friend lives in KY and she has been telling me how miserable its been with all the rain! Glad it's finally passing, so you guys can enjoy the rest of your camping trip!

  3. It looks like a lot of fun! How long was the car ride? We're about to embark on a 8 hour trip tomorrow. We leave at 4am.