Saturday, July 20, 2013

5 Happy Things: Summer Time

It was a beautiful, hot summer day here in the bluegrass.  We met great friends at the farmer's market and spent a lot of quality family time together.  We had plans to go to the pool but after Ayden took his monster afternoon nap, and we helped David's parent's do a couple of things at their house, we just ran out of time.  Even without the refreshing swim, as I sit down and reflect on the day I am feeling happy. No better time to post about 5 happy summer time things that I am enjoying at the moment.:

1) The skies here!  During the day, clouds have been big and puffy.  The sky itself so blue!  The sunsets have been so colorful too.

This one doesn't show it very well but it was lavender and pink.  

2) The farmer's market.  Here is David's paparazzi shot of Ayden and I relaxing in the shade, sharing a blackberry, orange smoothie today.  Such a refreshing combo!  We've been getting almost all of our groceries from the local folks at the farmers market (and our garden) for the past few weeks.  We are so happy to support the little guys and hope to join their ranks someday.

Anyone else like chewing on straws??
3) A window full of ripening tomatoes!  This SCREAMS summer to me because my mom always did this when I as a kid.  We pick the tomatoes that are too close to the ground a little early so that they don't rot before they ripen.  We set them in the window sill and the sun finishes the job from there.  Can't wait to eat them!

4) This homemade chocolate bar recipe.  You have to store it in the freezer so it is a perfect summertime cool treat!

5) Ayden.  Everything about him.  I love his blossoming imagination.  I love how he gets us outside so much.  I love how much he loves bugs and animals.  I love how enthusiastic he is about life and how well he is sleeping these days.  His giggles, his hugs and how much he is starting to talk. Even his toddler tantrums because they are a symbol of his realizing that he is an individual, apart from us.  I could go on and on, as most moms could I'm sure.  He's just amazing and is making this summer the best summer ever. I'm sure each year will only get better!  Sometimes I take a step outside of my everyday mommy life and look at him in amazement.  After I put him to bed, before I get up and get on with my evening, I take a couple of minutes to watch him sleep.  There is something so magical about a sleeping toddler. I guess it is how a little person with so much energy can be so still and peaceful. It has to be magic to achieve that! I was watching his long eyelashes as they twitched in dream land and thought,  "He is ours.  We get to keep him," which is something we said to each other a lot in the early days. We get to watch him grow and very soon will be hearing his thoughts about it all.  We have tough days, we have amazing days, we have days in between.  The best part of all of those days is that we are a family and we get to experience all of it together.  

The saying is true: the days go slow but the years go fast.  I am trying to cherish every moment.  Thanks for coming along.

What are your 5 happy summer things at the moment?


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  1. I just love reading your blogs. You're an excellent writer and write about things most of us Moms probably tend to take for granted. I really appreciate you reminding me to take in the little moments with my kids. Summer is my favorite time of the year. Love all the things you do too.

  2. Thanks for the reminder to look "on purpose" for things to be grateful for! Nice post. ~ j